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Grazac Academy | Training youths on tech skills for free

Learn in-demand technology skills with zero payments. Grazac Academy covers your tuition and upskill you till you land your tech job



Grazac Academy

Every day, more people enter the labour market than the number of jobs being created, research has it that job seekers are applying for more than 20 jobs per day.

The era of Covid has hastened the growth of digital companies and at the same time modifying the employment space for youths.

The job space is really going digital and the implication is that digital skill sets are in high demand.

However, it seems that the skills available in the labour market are no match to the requirements of employers.

How is Nigeria’s rapidly increasing youth population preparing to take on these new digital job roles? The big question here is “Are Nigeria youths equipped with the skill sets needed in this new era?”

In Nigeria of today, having two degrees doesn’t even guarantee employment and this is why we have launched Grazac Academy to help Nigerian youths acquire technology skills and pay nothing until they are hired.

The rate of unemployment is indeed alarming, but we won’t also fail to mention that our youths are not prepared for the tiny bits of jobs available. A close analysis of the digital sector shows a huge competency-based skills deficit.

We believe if Africa will rise and if Nigeria will develop, we must not overlook the tech space and our youths. Technological advancement is the inroad to Africa’s rising and with Nigeria being the most populous country in Africa with one of the largest populations of youth in the world, developing technology talents will not just boost our GDP but get us ready for the 5th industrial revolution.

Victor Adeleye, the co-founder and CEO of Grazac Academy, revealed that the reason for making the training free is because the major excuse of Nigerian youths not acquiring skills has been lack of funds and this new model is aimed at connecting at least 500 youths to entry level jobs annually, participants are expected to pay back to the company when they are hired.

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Deborah Oladele, the program manager at Grazac Academy also emphasized that “it is not enough to learn a tech skill but it is also important to possess soft skills that will enhance employability and also help participants achieve or retain their dream jobs”.

In her statement, Oladele also said participants will not just be provided with certificates that will serve as proof that they are qualified to work in any tech space locally and globally but will also be trained on the essential soft skills to possess in the tech industry and this is what differentiates them from others.


The mode of learning is hybrid and courses ranging from Product Designing, Front-end Web Development, Back-end Web Development and Mobile Application Development have been designed such that no basic knowledge or experience is required to learn.

The training will last for five (5) months and  participants will work on real-life projects during their mandatory internship, which will help them get familiar with encountering and overcoming challenges and also get experienced when they get connected to jobs.

Nigerian youths who are ready to be equipped with the skills and tools needed to kickstart a career in tech should take full advantage of paying no tuition until they get a job. Interested participants are to visit to get started.

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