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Cloud Computing

How to get it right – Your first time in the Cloud?

These 3 tips by ADEREMI ADEJUMO, MD, Cloudflex Computing Services Limited ought to get you past the disarray



Cloud computing

All cloud movement projects should manage how information is utilized by cloud and non-cloud applications and people. These 3 tips ought to get you past the disarray.

While moving information from conventional on-premises frameworks to public mists, how to manage the information is the essential concentration.

Many endeavors basically repeat their present information innovation, administration, and security in their cloud supplier, not actually pondering further developing how information is put away and utilized, simply re-platforming it.

There are numerous old and new ways to deal with putting away and utilizing information. From the more seasoned to the fresher we have data centers just as mixture moves toward that influence a few or all methodologies.

These are acceptable ideas to see yet have maybe confounded the individuals who are simply searching for realistic ways of moving their current information to the cloud.

In addition, every one of these methodologies accompanies an exceptional innovation stack, for example, information distribution center data sets, object stockpiling, ace information the board, and information virtualization. All are helpful apparatuses to address the majority of your value-based information and insightful information needs and ought to be perceived too.

What are the more practical ways to deal with managing information moving to the cloud? The following are three to begin with.

1. Fix your information as it moves to the cloud.

Similarly as we cleanse our garbage before a move, information inside most undertakings need refreshing, if not a total upgrade.

The issue is that most ventures blow the financial plan on the relocation and have practically no assets left for changes and moves up to the information plan and innovation.

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This could mean upgrading the patterns, adding metadata the executives and information administration, or utilizing new data set innovation models (SQL to NoSQL).


Actually if you don’t set aside the effort to fix the information during the move, you’re probably going to move the information twice. In the first place, lifting and moving the information to stage/data set analogs on the public mists.

Then, at that point, fixing the information in the future by relocating to new mappings, data sets, and data set models on the public cloud.

2. Weaponize information virtualization if necessary.

Information virtualization instruments permit you to make a data set design that exists just in programming, utilizing a few back-end actual data sets.

This is a more seasoned innovation that has been modernized for the cloud and permits you to work around issues with the actual information base plans without constraining actual changes to the back-end data sets.

The worth is the manner by which the layer of reflection gives a perspective on the information that is better adjusted to how applications and clients need to see and burn-through it.

Additionally, you’re not compelled to fix issues with actual information bases. If you think this is putting the issue off indefinitely, you’re correct.

3. Make or increase your current information base guide.

Most ventures have a dream and an arrangement for their data sets existing on the cloud, however infrequently is it recorded, or does it determine bigger concurrences with the engineers, operations groups, security groups, and so forth.

There ought to be a definite guide of data set innovation all through the cloud. It ought to incorporate development of the data sets, relocation to new innovation, and making arrangements for information security and administration—whatever ought to happen in the following five years to further develop the manner in which information is put away and burned-through—both by conditional and insightful frameworks.


This is the place where the methodologies recorded above are useful; positively, information cross section and others ought to be thought of. Take a gander at the accepted procedures and the arising engineering designs.

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In any case, don’t become mixed up in the innovation. This is a fit-for-reason work out.

Information is the main resource an organization possesses, however its rare treated as a top notch resident of big business IT. It’s no time like the present that changes.

About the Author

Remi Adejumo, Cloudflex Computing Service, Cloud

Remi Adejumo, managing Cloudflex Computing Service Limited speaking during a panel session at AfriTECH2021

He has more than 30 year experience in Technology, having worked in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Switzerland before moving back to Nigeria.

He is currently the Managing Director of Cloudflex Computing Service Ltd.

He has written several published articles on this subject.

He can be reached via email: [email protected]

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