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Irin loses winning streak as Oreva is evicted from Gulder Ultimate Search



Gulder Ultimate Search

Irin’s winning streak came to an unfortunate end at the hands of the other clans, and Oreva fate in Gulder Ultimate Search was cut short.

During the day’s task, each clan played Break the Tiles, where they targeted an opposing clan’s tiles to ensure their loss. The task aimed to find a losing team, so it was a fight to see whose tiles would be gone entirely.

Gulder Ultimate Search

As the search was for a losing team, Iroko and Amo had an unspoken agreement to remove Irin from the game.

Unfortunately for Clan Irin, they couldn’t break enough of any other clan’s tile to save themselves, and they lost the task.

At the place of the talking, it was time for Clan Irin to be tested. The anchor Toke Makinwa asked them to play a game of Fireside Questions.

Chidimma, Omokhafe, Damilola all answered questions correctly. Oreva missed his question, and Tosin fielded it. At the end of it all, Oreva could not meet up to challenge, and he was evicted from Gulder Ultimate Search.

At the place of the talking drum, Toke Makinwa unveiled the boomerang. The council of elders have hidden boomerangs all around the jungle.

These boomerangs signify a second chance for the contestants, and anyone who finds them must report it at the place of the talking drum.

Gulder Ultimate Search

Who will be vigilant enough to find a second life for themselves?

Find out as Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) 12 airs on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151), Africa Magic Urban (DStv channel 153) and Africa Magic Family (DStv channel 154 & GOtv channel 2) every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 pm.

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