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Kiwi Pay Group joins forces with Bolloré Logistics to build largest online marketplace in SSA

The partnership will stimulate Kiwi Pay Group’s launch of the biggest online marketplace in sub-Saharan Africa



Kiwi Pay
Kiwi Pay

Kiwi Pay Group, a Singapore-based fintech, has entered into a strategic partnership with Bolloré Logistics, a France headquartered and Nigerian-based transport and logistics company. 

The new partnership will facilitate the launch of the biggest online marketplace in sub-Saharan Africa, by Kiwi Pay Group.

The company has developed a Super App over the past few months and is looking to launch the app in Cameroon as part of a strategic partnership with French group Bolloré Logistics.  

This will enable Kiwi Pay to offer the African market millions of products from European retailers at affordable prices, and utilise local payment methods such as credit cards and mobile money, including four to five days of air shipping to several countrywide delivery connection points.

This strategic partnership with Bolloré Logistics and the Customs in Cameroon is allowing us to benefit from the strong growth of the ecommerce in the country, while leveraging from decades of experience from our partners to ensure a trustworthy experience for the customers and compliance with the local tax system,” Edwin Fongod Nuvaga, director general of Customs in Cameroon.

Cameroon customers can buy products such as DVDs, books, computers, games, cosmetics, appliances, and millions of SKUs through this strategic partnership from their mobile application in the coming weeks.

Kiwi Pay Group, Bolloré Logistics, and the Customs Bureau of Cameroon sealed the strategic agreement in Douala, Cameroon. Before then, Kiwi Pay Group had also signed strategic agreements with several economic zones across Africa, including CEMAC, GIM-UEMOA, which allowed it to transact in the local currency, FCFA.

Serge Agnero, the regional manager for Bolloré Transport & Logistics described Kiwi Pay Group as “an experienced player”. Kiwi Pay Group’s launch of the token KGO will be used to reward app users including the vendors, customers, and drivers, allowing them leverage it to benefit their e-commerce platform.

​Joan Aimuengheuwa is a content writer who takes keen interest in the scopes of innovation among African startups. She thrives at meeting targets and expectations. Contact: [email protected]

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