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ROSATOM launches Global Atomic Quiz celebrating World Science Day

The winners of Global Atomic Quiz will be selected with the help of a random number generator by November 26, 2021.




Nuclear technology global leader Rosatom, will be hosting a special Global Atomic Quiz to mark the World Science Day on November 10.

Atoms are everywhere – in our homes, the technologies we use, out in nature and even in outer space playing a significant role in the life of our Universe.


On November 10, the World Science Day, Rosatom’s Global Atomic Quiz is coming back! Everyone is welcomed to test one’s knowledge and learn something new about atoms along the way.

Do you want to have some nerdy fun and find out how the world works on atomic level? This is where Rosatam wants you to be.

Global Atomic Quiz is Rosatom’s annual one-day international initiative. Last year, the project brought together over 12,000 nuclear enthusiasts from more than 70 countries.

Although this year the initiative became much cooler, the mission remains the same: to highlight the importance of nuclear technologies in everyday life and to stress the role that nuclear power plays in preserving our fragile planet.

The quiz will be available for 24 hours on November 10 at Anyone wishing to participate will have the entire day to complete the test of 15 original questions divided in two main categories: for Young Enthusiasts (age from 11-16) and Adults (17+).

The quiz will be available in 11 languages (English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Hungarian, Bengali, Vietnamese and Uzbek), engaging participants from all over the world.

Everyone will get a digital certificate to print out and put on the wall or share with friends on social media. However, this year the stakes are much higher.

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The participants in each category with the highest points will be selected to compete for the prize. Kids can win a paid trip to Russia to participate in one of the shifts of the Rosatom Smart Holidays international camp, while adults could get a chance of visiting one of the modern Russian nuclear power plants.

A special prize is reserved for young nuclear professionals, who are eligible for a paid trip to the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC 2022) in Sochi. All prizes will be awarded in 2022.

The winners of Global Atomic Quiz will be selected with the help of a random number generator by November 26, 2021. The results will be announced on the initiative’s website:


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