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Infobip debuts virtual golf bot as Platinum Sponsor for CIO Africa Golf Day 



Infobip virtual WhatsApp-based golf bot named “Rafiki”
Infobip virtual WhatsApp-based golf bot named “Rafiki”

Infobip, a global cloud communication company for businesses and a leader in omnichannel customer engagement, has announce that it will be the Platinum Sponsor of this year’s CIO Africa Golf Day.

Infobip has at the same time launched a virtual WhatsApp-based golf bot named “Rafiki” – which means “friend” in Swahili and can be used for a variety of functions, including the registration of attendees for the golf day.

The event will be held on the 10th of December, at the Royal Nairobi Golf Club situated in Nairobi, Kenya, and is expected to attract a multitude of CEOs, CIOs and heads of IT from across the East African region.

The aim of the event is to facilitate networking during a reputable industry golf challenge, in line with the theme of “Connecting with the New Generation”.

Andrew Egan, sales director at Infobip Africa

Andrew Egan, sales director at Infobip Africa

Having previously hosted the ICT Enterprise Community of Golfers in exciting golf challenges in previous years, CIO Africa hopes to leverage this opportunity to bring a whole new golfing experience to participants through technology.

Andrew Egan, sales director at Infobip Africa, says Infobip has been operating across the continent for many years and has made a number of strategic investments in Africa.

He adds that Africa remains an important focus for the company from a growth strategy perspective, and the company will be seeking to consolidate its footprint there even further.

“Traditionally Infobip has had a direct and a partnership approach to client engagement. We will also be adding platform partners to our focus from 2022, where we would look to service communities of consumers via their platforms of choice,” says Egan.

Showcasing its value proposition

He continued: “We’re delighted to be a Platinum Sponsor for the CIO Africa Golf Day and especially excited about the opportunity it affords us to showcase a bespoke virtual golf bot to the community of IT leaders and decision makers from across the region.  We look forward to demonstrating in this way, the value Infobip can deliver through digital communications.”

“People often do not see our brand behind the solutions they acquire from their providers, and this is our opportunity to emphasise our focus on the customer journey. It’s also a chance for us to change the narrative from this being a messaging world to a servicing world.”

WhatsApp-based golf bot


The golf bot presents Infobip with the opportunity to showcase the platform’s ability to elevate the customer experience by enhancing the golfer experience through digital communication.

Through a series of WhatsApp menus, the bot can deliver relevant information to and from specific participants, such as tee times, scores input capability, rules of the game, available facilities at the golf club, meal plan for the day and all information that is pertinent to golf players delivered in a structured format by the event organisers. While the channel itself provides convenience, the data insight it gathers from how the customer chooses to engage is where the value is as it provides actionable insight for the brands offering it.

“The golf bot will provide just a flavour of what we can do for organisations. Chat bots are all about providing better services at a lower cost. This obviously brings many benefits to organisations by driving efficiencies and breaking the linier dependency of servicing clients by adding more costly resources. Let us service better and engage better by consuming the right data for the appropriate outcome,” says Egan.

“We want to emphasise our commitment to the region – we are here to add value, bring value and enable our clients to execute their customer experience (CX) strategy. We want the market to understand that we are here to engage, listen and understand what value we can bring to different organisations. We enable this by ensuring your customer experience and customer engagement channels, drive a competitive advantage for your promise to your client within your challenging marketplace”

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