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Lenovo expands its ThinkEdge portfolio with AI-ready solutions at the Edge

Lenovo expands its ThinkEdge portfolio with GPU-rich edge server designed to accelerate business critical insights; – New compact, ruggedized and quiet Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450 server delivers performance and scalability at the edge; – Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450 server enables edge AI solutions for retail, manufacturing, smart city and telecom through vast partner ecosystem



Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450 Bona front left angled
Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) has expanded its Lenovo ThinkEdge portfolio with the introduction of the new ThinkEdge SE450 server, delivering an artificial intelligence (AI) platform directly at the edge to accelerate business insights.

The ThinkEdge SE450 advances intelligent edge capabilities with best-in-class, AI-ready technology that provides faster insights and leading computing performance to more environments, accelerating real-time decision making at the edge and unleashing full business potential.

“As companies of all sizes continue to work on solving real-world challenges, they require powerful infrastructure solutions to help generate faster insights that inform competitive business strategies, directly at edge sites,” says Jim Holland regional director – Africa, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group.

“With the ThinkEdge SE450 server and in collaboration with our broad ecosystem of partners, Lenovo is delivering on the promise of AI at the edge, whether it’s enabling greater connectivity for smart cities to detect and respond to traffic accidents or addressing predictive maintenance needs on the manufacturing line.”

Accelerate Business Insights at the Edge

Edge computing is at the heart of digital transformation for many industries as they seek to optimize how to process data directly at the point of origin. Gartner estimates that 75 percent of enterprise-generated data will be processed at the edge by 2025 and 80 percent of enterprise IoT projects will incorporate AI by 2022.

Lenovo customers are using edge-driven data sources for immediate decision making on factory floors, retail shelves, city streets and telecommunication mobile sites.

Lenovo’s complete ThinkEdge portfolio goes beyond the data center to deliver the ultimate edge computing power experience.

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450 Bona

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450 Bona

Enhance Performance, Scalability and Security 

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Designed to stretch the limitations of server locations, Lenovo’s ThinkEdge SE450 delivers real-time insights with enhanced compute power and flexible deployment capabilities that can support multiple AI workloads while allowing customers to scale.

It meets the demands of a wide variety of critical workloads with a unique, quieter go-anywhere form factor, featuring a shorter depth that allows it to be easily installed in space constrained locations.

The GPU-rich server is purpose-built to meet the requirements of vertically specific edge environments, with a ruggedized design that withstands a wider operating temperature, as well as high dust, shock and vibration for harsh settings.


As one of the first NVIDIA-Certified Edge systems, Lenovo’s ThinkEdge SE450 leverages NVIDIA GPUs for enterprise and industrial AI at the edge applications, providing maximum accelerated performance.

Security at the edge is crucial and Lenovo enables businesses to navigate the edge-to-cloud frontier confidently, using resilient, better secured infrastructure solutions that are designed to mitigate security risks and data threats.

The ThinkEdge portfolio provides a variety of connectivity and security options that are easily deployed and more securely managed in today’s remote environments, including a new locking bezel to help prevent unauthorized access and robust security features to better protect data.

The ThinkEdge SE450 is built on the latest 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor with Intel Deep Learning Boost technologies, featuring all-flash storage for running AI and analytics at the edge and optimized for delivering intelligence. It has been verified by Intel as an Intel® Select Solution for vRAN.

This pre-validated solution takes the guesswork out of the evaluation and procurement process by meeting strictly defined hardware and software configuration requirements and rigorous system-wide performance benchmarks to speed deployment and lower risk for communications service providers.

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Edge site locations are often unmanned and hard to reach; therefore, the ThinkEdge SE450 is automatically installed and managed with Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) and easily configured with Lenovo XClarity Orchestrator software.

Remote access to the server, via a completely out-of-band wired or wireless access, avoids any unnecessary trip to the edge locations.

AI-Ready Solutions at the Edge

Through an agile hardware development approach with partners and customers, the Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450 is the culmination of multiple prototypes, with live trials running real workloads in telecommunication, retail and smart city settings.

The ThinkEdge SE450 AI-ready server is designed specifically for enabling a vast ecosystem of partners to make it easier for customers to deploy these edge solutions.


As enterprises build out their hybrid infrastructures from the cloud to the edge, it is the perfect extension for the on-premise cloud currently supporting Microsoft, NVIDIA, Red Hat and VMware technologies.

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