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Newwaves Ecosystem set to launch Konn3ct 2.2 with added features



Konn3ct 2.2 by Newwave Ecosystems ltd

Newwaves Ecosystem is set to launch an upgrade to konn3ct, the first made-in-Africa online meeting/webinar platform.

The new version 2.2 will further delight the teaming Subscribers with better and Amazing virtual experience before, during and even after every use.

Newwave Ecosystems ltd

Audio Connectivity: The audio connection has been improved upon to make to make joining konn3ct room faster and more stable.

Audio Button Style: You now have one audio button, the microphone icon turns green when not muted and turns red when muted. Also, to disconnect the audio you only need to click on the arrow beside the microphone icon select appropriate microphone and speaker.

Bandwidth Optimization: We have benchmarked Konn3ct with other competing products and we confirmed a better usage of data and bandwidth. We have the best in the industry now.

Konn3ct 2.2 by Newwave Ecosystems ltd

Improved Reconnection: When your network drops to 2G or probably due to an incoming call, the konn3ct room still stay active and you can hear the conversation in the room. Reconnection is automatic or manual via “re-konn3ct” button.

Improved User Experience: The meeting room has been improved upon generally to better delight Mobile and Web users.

Other Unique Features: All these are on top of Automatic Attendance List, Auto Re-Invite, WhatsApp Invite, Single License for meeting and Webinar and other Unique features that made us stand out.

In his comment as a user, Mr. Peter Oluka, Editor, called for more patronage among government, corporate and individuals.

Konn3ct 2.2 by Newwave Ecosystems ltd

Konn3ct 2.2 by Newwave Ecosystems ltd

In his words: “Konn3ct deserves a place in the league of global best meeting applications. In our official meeting, the sound and video quality never drops and everything goes very smoothly. I have recommended Konn3ct to all friends and business associates and they also find it very useful.

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“We leveraged the platform during 2021 Africa Tech Alliance Forum (AfriTECH2021) and now that Konn3ct has introduced new features I believe that whatever glitches have been addressed.

“During the pandemic time many children could not attend the virtual classes because of several factors including lack of data, access and usage of other platforms.

“So, as an indigenous platform, I believe that the team at Konn3ct understands the need for a robust platform that delivers Classroom feature, Meeting and Chat, Webinar, Personal chat, Background change as per choice, etc. So, I call on the government and corporate organisations and even individuals to embrace”, he said.

Femi Williams, the chief enabling officer for Newwaves Ecosystem Ltd and Founder of konn3ct said, these updates are feedbacks from our growing subscribers. We are a listening organization and we appreciate the continuous feedback from our Stakeholders. We now have Subscribers across Religious, Small & Medium Scale Enterprises, Educational Institutions, Media Houses, Clubs etc. and the list is still growing.

Newwave Ecosystems ltd

Prof. Adesina Simon Sodiya, the president of Nigeria Computer Society, the umbrella Association of all Computer Professionals in Nigeria said, we are very proud of the indigenous product from Newwaves. All our Chapters are using the product and the performance have been satisfactory with consistent improvement.

Newwaves Ecosystem Ltd is a leading IT Solution provider in Nigeria and committed to providing solutions to both local and international challenges. The company assures her teaming subscribers that another version is in the offing that will further improve konn3ct’s market share in the Nigeria and Africa.

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You can reach out to Konn3ct team via this email: [email protected])

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