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NIWBQR: Enextgen releases report on quality of MNOs 4G LTE coverage in Yaba



Enextgen Wireless NIWBQR on 4G LTE in Yaba Lagos

Anyone with internet access and a browser can visualize Enextgen Wireless indicator of the quality of 4G LTE coverage in areas where the company has data. This time, in Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Shown here (this report) are geographical bin mappings of the quality.

Interestingly, Enextgen pays the network operators for every byte of data consumed in creating these reports.

“As such, our span is limited. We offer to make our data collection tool, which runs on Android-based mobile phones, available to any interested network operator for free for the purpose of giving the public some sense of the value they are getting and encouraging the network operators to realize that the interest of the paying public should also be part of their consideration”, says Engineer Aderemi Adeyeye, President/Chairman, Enextgen Wireless Inc.

He said that mobile broadband (4G LTE) is the most viable means of real internet connection available to ordinary human beings and very small businesses in Nigeria.

“It deserves more attention. Very few small enterprises can afford USD 4,500 per month for a 45 Mbps fiber connection – a price (excluding installation fees) we were quoted in 2016 for Lagos Island fiber connection.

“It might be much lower now but even 1% of it might still not be affordable,” he said in the latest National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) available to

NIWBQR is independent 4G LTE evaluation that we use for benchmarking as well as analysis of individual 4G LTE networks.


4G LTE Yaba, Maryland - Emetrics

High round trip-time

4G LTE Yaba, Maryland - High travel time

Yaba-Lagos NIWBQR – December 2021

NIWBQR Ranking


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NIWBQR gives the Nigerian public visibility into the quality of mobile broadband networks (4G LTE) provided by the major MNOs in Nigeria.


“We share NIWBQR reports with all concerned MNOs to provide them opportunities to entice them to improve (where necessary) the quality of their 4G LTE networks.

“We use our proprietary logging tool (enextlog) for collecting UE logs and our proprietary platform (Premetrics) for post-processing the UE logs in other to create NIWBQR reports and perform analysis for other purposes.

“Weight for overall ranking: 30% to Emetrics (RF Quality), 20% to time spent on LTE, 20% each to downlink throughput and packet latency and 10% to uplink throughput”, Enextgen Wireless boss said.

In this report, there is insignificant difference in RF (radio frequency) quality amongst the four network operators.

In other words, RF quality is not the core of identified performance issues.

Evaluated Route

 Evaluated Route

Yaba-Lagos Emetrics (RF Quality)

Yaba- Lagos Emetrics (RF Quality)

Yaba Emetrics (RF Quality) Ranking

4G LTE Yaba, Maryland - Yaba Emetrics (RF Quality) Ranking

56-byte Packet Latency Ranking

4G LTE Yaba, Maryland - 56-Byte packet

Packet Latency Distribution(ms)


4G LTE Yaba, Maryland - Packet Latency distribution (ms)

Downlink Throughput Ranking

Downlink Throughput Ranking

Downlink Throughput Distribution(Mbps)

Downlink Throughput Distribution

Uplink Throughput Ranking

4G LTE Yaba, Maryland - Uplink Throughput Ranking

Uplink Throughput Distribution

Uplink Throughput Distribution

Notable events


Clearly, Airtel has the best downlink throughput as has been the case in many other areas and announced by other organizations.

“However, our report shows that downlink throughput is only part of the story”.

Click the HERE for the RF quality of the LTE service provided by the four major network  operators.

“Our logging tool (enextlog) is available for free to mobile network operators upon request. We use data from the tool to update our public Emetrics website. We also use it to create benchmarking reports.

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“We will provide the raw logs reported by our logging tool installed on MNO’s mobile phones on their networks to registered network operators upon request”, the company said.


The goal is to entice the network operators to make more effort to offer higher quality of service.

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