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Petal Search puts the world in the palm of your hands

Petal Search is designed with mobile devices in mind, meaning users get a much better experience for their smaller-screened devices.



HUAWEI Petal Search
Smartphone users enjoying HUAWEI Petal Search

As our old habits are being replaced by new ones, most of our behaviour has shifted online through digital channels. Instead of going to the shops or looking for an open pharmacy, most of us have turned to our smartphones to do the job for us.

This is where HUAWEI’s Petal Search comes in handy. Launched in 2020, Petal Search has transformed how millions of people around the world find useful information, images, videos, and even applications from their smartphones and tablets.

Petal Search is designed with mobile devices in mind, meaning users get a much better experience for their smaller-screened devices.

After all, the more traditional search engines were designed for desktops and laptops. No more squinting or trying to resize search results to make them readable.

Featuring a beautiful interface, Petal Search is built on top of an artificial intelligence engine. This means that it is easier for you to find virtually anything online, from news and nearby services to apps, great shopping offers, travel deals, and more.

Okay, I hear you say, “But a search engine is just a search engine”. Not so with Petal Search. Being native to Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), you can easily add the search widget to the home screen of your Huawei device. This lets you quickly search for the app you want directly through the widget, as well as getting all the download links, news, videos, and other search results you’ve been looking for.

Of course, what good is a search engine if it doesn’t provide those ‘local is lekker’ results? With Petal Search, you get access to highly localised content. So, you will see the best local shopping deals, news, restaurant specials, and more, straight from your Huawei device. Best of all, this is all real-time, so no more worrying about getting discounts from six months ago. With Petal Search, you’re only getting what is current and relevant.

From a nuts-and-bolts perspective, PetalSearch lets you do everything you’re already used to. Things such as voice, news, video, app, shopping, travel, and visual search are all supported.

What makes the visual search especially cool is that it uses Huawei’s HiTouch visual search technology that detects multiple objects in an image at the same time.

No more hoping that the search results display the info you want. Petal Search gives you results for all relevant objects in an image. There’s even a Dark Mode to make it easier on your eyes when you’re searching at night.

From a security perspective, you don’t need to worry as Petal Search ticks all the privacy and copyright protection boxes.


This means your personal data won’t be tracked (Incognito Mode), you can filter content according to age-level appropriateness (Safe Search), and all your data is stored in your local region, providing for a far more secure experience.

Given all these incredible innovations and the power of Petal Search, it is therefore quite fitting that its logo is based on the shape of a magnifying glass.

Click here to download the freely available Petal Search from the HUAWEI AppGallery today!

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1 Comment

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