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Top 15 Logistics and Delivery Startups to watch in 2022

A report by Oberlo forecasted the global e-commerce growth rate for 2021 to be 16.8 percent, bringing global e-commerce sales worldwide to $4.921 trillion and an even higher percentage is expected in 2022



Top 15 Logistics and Delivery Startups to watch in 2022
Top 15 Logistics and Delivery Startups to watch in 2022

A report by Oberlo forecasted the global e-commerce growth rate for 2021 to be 16.8 percent, bringing global e-commerce sales worldwide to $4.921 trillion and an even higher percentage is expected in 2022. 

The covid-19 pandemic boosted online purchases, simultaneously increasing the need for logistics and delivery startups. 

Entrepreneurs and corporate companies need to send supplies to customers conveniently and customers need to receive goods seamlessly. Startups working to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in logistics and delivery services are highlighted below:

1. GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics allows you send, track and receive goods with its seamless delivery service. The platform also allows shipping of goods from the UK and US to Nigeria and Ghana, as well as export to over 230 locations worldwide, with intra & inter-state delivery services.

The company efficiently handles deliveries for large corporations and deploys innovative delivery solutions for small businesses, domestic and e-commerce logistics, freight forwarding, haulage, warehousing, distribution, mailroom services and much more are included in its offerings.

2. Kobo360



With branches across Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Uganda and Burkina Faso, digital logistics startup Kobo360 aggregates end-to-end haulage operations. 

Since its inception in 2017, Kobo360 raised total funding of $37.3 million and is backed by investors including Goldman Sachs, International Finance Corporation, YCombinator, Asia Africa Investment and Consulting, TLcom, among others.

The company leverages big data and technology to reduce logistics frictions, empowering rural farmers to earn more by reducing farm wastages and helping manufacturers of all sizes to find new markets.

3. CourierPlus Services Limited

CourierPlus Services Limited 

CourierPlus Services Limited

Focused on courier same-day delivery service, logistics for both individuals and corporate organisations, e-commerce, international express, specialised and custom solutions services, CourierPlus boasts of its speed and reliability. 

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On a mission to ensure seamlessness in delivery and logistics services, CourierPlus has its core values to include customer-centricity, innovation, dynamism, excellence, integrity and community.

4. Gokada



Last mile courier delivery solutions company, Gokada launched in 2018 as a ride-hailing company in Nigeria and later included logistics; Gsend and food delivery services; GShop, to its service offerings. 

The company has raised $14.24 million on-demand motorcycle taxi service in order to solve some of Nigeria’s challenging problems in logistics and transportation.

5. Kwik Delivery

Kwik Delivery

Kwik Delivery

For individuals and businesses, Kwik Delivery’s user-friendly interface helps users manage parcels seamlessly. From small to large goods, Kwik Delivery’s got you.

The Lagos-based delivery company raised $1.7 million pre-Series A investment and has a total funding amount of $2.2 million from Rising Tide Africa Limited, Thorburn Investments Nigeria, UFP Fintech, Stefano Piotti, Yves Guillemot and several others.

6. MAX

MAX - Top 15 Logistics and Delivery Startups to watch in 2022


Nigeria’s MAX has built two products to make logistics and delivery services all that customers want them to be. The MAX Go product offers everything transport operators would need to connect to customers in need of a ride, while the MAX Now product connects businesses and enterprises to needed delivery services.

MAX is the first company to design and customize electric vehicles, driving its adoption at scale for public transportation.

7.  African Courier Express 

African Courier Express

African Courier Express

Popularly known as ACE, African Courier Express is one of the logistics and delivery startups providing services to businesses and individuals.

The company has raised $3.3 million from investors such as Interswitch, Savannah Fund, EchoVC Partners and others. The tech-enabled logistics company has partnered with major e-commerce retailers to offer affordable and reliable movement of consumer packages across Africa.

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8. Sendbox 

Sendbox - Top 15 Logistics and Delivery Startups to watch in 2022


For local and international deliveries, Sendbox is available. Beyond this, the company also focuses on e-commerce and bill payments, helps companies increase visibility and grow sales, both online and offline, ultimately increasing income and optimising utilities.

Operating in over 200 countries, including Nigeria, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, Sendbox has reached over 10,000 merchants through iOS, Android, web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, other e-commerce platforms and developer APIs and asserts to have made over 200,000 deliveries since inception, 35%-40% being international.




Expanding beyond inland logistics, SEND operates in air and ocean freight, with adequate compliance to relevant regulations. 

The company manages the entire process of shipping cargo via Air and Ocean, from suppliers around the world to your destination, takes charge of customs clearance, trucking and warehousing and has raised total funding of $150,000 from YCombinator, Ventures Platform, Uncovered Fund and others.

10. TruQ



TruQ is an on-demand platform for all your moving and delivery needs, connecting people to the closest truck/van driver, smart, fast and easy.

The company’s partners include Taeillo, BuildDirect, Providus Bank, Car45, Stova Industries Limited, Kalvie and several others.

Last year, the 24-hour logistics service provider launched a web and mobile app to facilitate even more absolute delivery services across Nigeria.

11. ShapShap

ShapShap - Top 15 Logistics and Delivery Startups to watch in 2022


Focused on making deliveries efficient, sustainable and scalable, ShapShap leverages a commission-based marketplace to provide on-demand delivery services across Nigeria.

The company carries out online ordering and same-day delivery of food, groceries, medicines, and packages with its mobile application which allows live tracking.

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12. Errand360



Interestingly, Errand360 utilises bicycles and e-bikes to carry out its quick short errands and affordable delivery services, targeted at promoting eco-friendliness.

In March 2021, Errand360 was launched as the first Bicycle Community Delivery hub in Nigeria. The company offers services such as food deliveries, pharmaceutical product delivery, grocery purchase and delivery, document dispatch within the city, short errands, long errands, and messenger’s tasks.

13. Lori Systems

Lori Systems - Top 15 Logistics and Delivery Startups to watch in 2022

Lori Systems

On a mission to ensure a decline in the cost of moving and delivering goods in Africa’s frontier markets, Lori Systems was built to enable the logistics space operate at an order of magnitude more efficiently and affordably than it does today.

The company’s benefits include increased brand visibility, quicker turnaround through proactive systems/data capture leading to more money, automatic and accurate invoicing, tracking, reliability, access to financing, among others.


14. Sendy

Sendy - Top 15 Logistics and Delivery Startups to watch in 2022


Kenyan logistics startup, Sendy is an on-demand platform that connects clients to drivers and vehicles for goods delivery.

Back by Toyota, Sendy has offices in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, with 5,000 vehicles on its platform, leverage for the movement of different types of goods. Its asset-free model inbuilt in its app allows the coordination of contract drivers who own their vehicles, while confirming deliveries, creating performance metrics and managing payment.

15. Moove

Jide Odunsi and Ladi Delano, co-founders, Moove

Jide Odunsi and Ladi Delano, co-founders, Moove

Asides the provision of revenue-based vehicle financing for mobility entrepreneurs in Africa, mobility fintech Moove Africa has an array of dispatch bikes for delivery services.

Having raised $23 million in Series A to scale operations across the African continent, Moove has made a fast growth from inception in 2019 till now.

​Joan Aimuengheuwa is a content writer who takes keen interest in the scopes of innovation among African startups. She thrives at meeting targets and expectations. Contact: [email protected]

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