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Feel the Love of This Valentine’s Day with These Playlists on Spotify



Spotify Playlist on Valentine’s Day

Music is the universal language of love, and in this month of Valentine’s, it’s definitely setting the scene for romance.

The relationship between music and love is profound – music has the ability to touch us emotionally, and those who are in love have always expressed their feelings for one another through the lyrics of a song, or a melody when words alone will not suffice.

On Valentine’s Day, love is truly all around, inspiring people to take thoughtful actions, like sending gifts, setting up cosy candle-lit dinners, proposing marriage or renewing their relationship vows.

One of the most vital ingredients in the day’s recipe for romance is music, with people worldwide setting the scene with songs that they love, thereby transporting their Valentine’s moment to a magical place.

Making a playlist of songs is an art and can take time, so try these different playlists specially curated and released by Spotify for Valentine’s Day.

Spotify for the records

First is 100 Best African Love Songs, a playlist with the best love songs from the continent from the 2000s to date, which everyone can enjoy while reminiscing where they were when a specific song was released. For those tying the knot, there’s Small chops, a selection of West African wedding songs specially curated to light up the moment and turn every wedding reception into a feast of love.

Cocoa butter is a smooth blend of local and international R&B and soul tracks, the perfect soundtrack for a Valentine’s celebration, and only matched by Bedroom Jams for setting the scene on a charged evening of romance.

The songs on Country Kind of Love will strike up a melodic rhythm for a Valentine’s event, while 90s Love Songs has beautiful numbers from icons like Brandy, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. Finally, for those moments when love hurts, there’s the End in Tears playlist to lean into for comfort.

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While Spotify has an impressive 1,116,121 playlists globally that contain the word “Valentine” in them, those who simply want to share playlists with friends, and those who are hurt from heartbreak are also included in the day, with the word “galantines” (for your female besties) featuring in 28,188 of Spotify’s playlists, and the term “break-up” included in 870,884 playlists around the world.

Adding to the fun of the moment is Blend, a great Spotify feature for friends and couples to try out. Blend merges your most-streamed songs with that of another person, generating a matching results percentage that shows you how much your music tastes align.

Try it by typing “BLEND” in the search bar, clicking on “create blend” and simply share your invite link with your fellow Spotify streamer (or secret crush!).


Get ready to stir up your emotions with music, and enjoy your Val.

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