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Kenyan Business Growth Enabler, CartnShop, Raises $400,000

CartnShop will leverage the fund to launch its new product targeted at doubling up its service delivery




Enabling retail and enterprise businesses to expand sales channels, digital platform, Cartnshop — pronounced Cart “n” Shop — has raised $400,000 for commercialisation.

CartnShop provides solutions for businesses when it comes to customer engagement and patronage through its end-to-end e-store enablement engine.

On this ground, the startup offers various solutions to deliver an Omni Channel experience to customers with centralized view and control across multiple as well as marketing channels. Users can quickly roll out products and promotions via own website or mobile app.

Its B2B and B2C channels include payment gateways, shipping and fulfillment centers, marketing and marketplace cross-listings, as well as company management capabilities. CartnShop encompasses stakeholders such as producers, supply chain partners, service providers, and e-commerce enablers, providing a complete model of B2B2C and making up the ecosystem for seamless functionality. 

Founded by Joe Wambugu in 2018, the startup launched its first engine in 2019 after which it onboarded 50 clients. Following the proof of concept and feedbacks, the launch of the second engine took place with over 300 merchants and went into a market proof of concept with Safaricom and EABL in 2020. 

This came with sufficient market feedback to enable CartnShop launch engine three, which is now ready to go live and can accommodate over one million merchants.

This move will be funded by its $400,000 raised from business investors, facilitating implementation. The company is focused on expanding across Kenya before setting foot in other African countries such as Tanzania and Botswana where retailers already leverage its product.

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At affordable rates, CartnShop enables customers to create personalized stores with eCommerce website, iOS and android apps, manage orders, invoices and payments right through Merchant Admin panel, upload product catalogues, manage dedicated inventory and delivery, as well as share promotional and marketing messages.


​Joan Aimuengheuwa is a content writer who takes keen interest in the scopes of innovation among African startups. She thrives at meeting targets and expectations. Contact: [email protected]

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