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Meta AI: Inside the Lab – Breakthroughs into the Metaverse, BuilderBot & Other Announcements

Meta announced the introduction of BuilderBot, a new tool to fuel creativity in the metaverse using voice commands.



Mark Zuckerberg and Meta, Metaverse
Mark Zuckerberg Speaking during the event

Meta, Wednesday, hosted a Meta AI: Inside the Lab event as the company exemplified AI’s role in building for the metaverse and showcased some of its work.

Mark Zuckerbrge, Meta’s Founder led the team to share advances they’ve made in AI technology that will help Meta build for the metaverse, from inclusive translation systems to a new AI model for chatting with virtual assistants.

Meta AI

He explained that building for the metaverse will require major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence hence Meta’s AI labs “are already making advancements in research and development as part of a long-term effort to enable the next era of computing”.

Meta announced the introduction of BuilderBot, a new tool to fuel creativity in the metaverse using voice commands.

Some of the research advances announced on Wednesday as explained by Mark Zuckerberg include;

A new tool fueling creativity in the metaverse:

BuilderBot enables people to generate or import things into a virtual world just by using voice commands.

Mark Zuckerberg

Driving inclusion through the power of speech and translation:

Nearly half the world’s population can’t access online content in their preferred language today. No Language Left Behind is a single system capable of translating between all written languages.

Meta Metaverse

We’re also working on Universal Speech Translator, an AI system that provides instantaneous speech-to-speech translation across all languages, even those that are mostly spoken.


A next-generation AI model for chatting with virtual assistants:

Project CAIRaoke is a new approach to AI that powers chatbots and assistants. With this technology, people could one day have more fluid conversations with their virtual assistants.

Meta Metaverse

A new resource for understanding how AI systems work:

If you’ve ever wondered how Instagram ranks content in your feed, our new tool can help.

Mark Zuckerberg

The prototype AI system card we’ve developed outlines the many AI models that comprise an AI system and can help you better understand how these systems operate.

New ways to bring diverse talent into AI:

The AI Learning Alliance is making coursework on machine learning topics open to everyone through Blueprint.

We’re also creating a consortium of professors at universities with large populations of students from underrepresented groups to teach this curriculum.

Open-sourcing high-performance AI for recommendations:

TorchRec is our library for building state-of-the-art recommendation systems for the open source PyTorch machine learning framework.


Mark Zuckerberg and Metaverse

These recommendation systems power personalization across many of our products.

As we build for the metaverse, we’ll continue to break ground in areas like self-supervised learning and building the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer to drive the future of AI research breakthroughs.


Meta’s Metaverse development journey

Meta's Metaverse development journey

Meta's Metaverse development journey

We’re at the beginning of this journey, and today’s advances provide a snapshot of what’s possible through the power of AI and open science”, Zuckerberg said.

You can watch the full event on the Meta AI Facebook page

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