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4G LTE and 5G  Coverage Quality Evaluation: Is 5G a Panacea?



4G LTE and 5G Coverage, 5G deployment Quality Evaluation - Is 5G a Panacea

In its latest ‘Emetrics for 4G LTE and 5G  Coverage Quality Evaluation’, Enextgen Wireless report explains why ‘5G is not a panacea’.

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History of mobile technology - 5G

Okay! You will find out from this report. Before that, it is important we tell you that Enextgen Wireless started in January of 2016.

The expertise on the deployed LTE networks opened the engineers’ eyes to the possibility that not much attention was paid to the quality of the networks being deployed.

This led to the Engineer Aderemi Adeyeye – Chairman of Enextgen Wireless Inc., to start the flagship National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR) service.

The service collects measurements of LTE signals from network operators.

The company processes and analyzes the measurements in order to determine the quality of the networks.

“We used top-of-the-line professional logging tools and post-processing tools. We shared the reports with mobile network operators. As a result of this, we made all Nigerian MNOs aware of some of the deficiencies in their deployed LTE networks. We held discussions with NCC and all but one (MTN) of the national MNOs in Nigeria.

Remi Adeyeye

Engr. Aderemi Adeyeye

“In order to make our findings more readily available to the public, we developed a proprietary platform (Premetrics) for processing salient metrics from our drive test tools, and our own logging tool that runs on Android Operating System. The platform processes the measurements  and make ensuing reports available at a website that is accessible to the public”, he said.

Adeyeye added that the goal of Enextgen Wireless Emetrics is to share knowledge in order to create the missing incentive for MNOs to offer high quality of service to the Nigerian public.

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“Emetrics as a performance indicator uses a deep knowledge of the relationship of the characteristics of the Radio Frequency signal used to provide LTE service to the quality of service delivered by the User Equipment and the offered throughput by the network operators.

“Since the sale of data is a major source of revenue for the MNOs, offered throughput translates to revenue generation. As such,  Emetrics offers the MNO an opportunity to increase the return on its investment by generating additional revenue from the same infrastructure simply by optimizing the utilization of the RF. It offers the MNO, if interested, an opportunity to use local talent for deployment and ongoing maintenance of quality 4G LTE networks from the physical layer perspective. It will add 5G once it becomes available”, Adeyeye explained.


The platform for analyzing data from Enextlog and creating reports that are published here is also available for salient RF optimization activities such as:

  • Verification of the quality of cell site RF cabling
  • Comparison of the designed RF coverage with the deployed RF coverage.

Verification of:

  • Accessibility
  • Retainability
  • Integrity
  • Benchmarking
  • Customer issues identification and resolution
  • Continuous monitoring of network quality, as experienced by individual User Equipment, at key points within the network
  • 4G and 5G RF deployment and ongoing quality maintenance and enhancement.
  • Training of RF Optimization engineers.

An example:

4G LTE and 5G Coverage Quality - is 5G a panacea

  • Goal: Identify best LTE coverage at Hotel de Flings in Port Harcourt:
  • Visit the link here.
  • In the search window enter the address.
  • Use the MNO Selection window to select theMNOs of interest
  • Select Emetrics for RF quality report.
  • Select RTT for packet latency.
  • For each selection, click on the bin covering the hotel location to see average readings and the date latest data was reported.
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An example from Enextgen Wirless’ proprietary platform for processing Enextlog measurements:

4G LTE and 5G Coverage Quality - is 5G a panacea

An example from Enextgen Wireless’ proprietary platform for processing Enextlog measurements:

4G LTE and 5G Coverage Quality - is 5G a panacea

An example from Enextgen Wireless’ proprietary Emetrics comparing 4G LTE to 5G NR latencies:

4G LTE and 5G Coverage Quality - is 5G a panacea

Enextgen Wireless

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