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600 African Youths Compete for 3-year GAIN-Global Union Mentorship Programme

The the scope of the mentorship covers Business, Governmental Affairs, Leadership, Global Partnership, Education, Peace, Understanding of Tolerance and other Cultures, Community Empowerment for Sustainable Growth



GAIN-Global Union Mentorship Programme
Grand Africa Initiative

Over 600 African youths are on course to access a coveted 3-year mentorship programme under an initiative promoted by two key organisations, the pan-African non-governmental organizationGrand Africa Initiative (GAIN) and the supranational-intergovernmental body “Global Union & its permanent mission (GU & GU’s-GHCF).

The programme titled GAIN-Global Union Mentorship Programme for African Youths, is scheduled to kick off in the second quarter of 2022, and targets youths from all African countries.

In a statement jointly issued by both organizations, the Executive Director of GAIN, Chinwe Okoli, disclosed that 78 youths, comprising an equal number of males and females will eventually be selected to be mentored directly by His Excellency Mr. President H.E.S. F. Houmard, of the Global Union and its Permanent Mission (the first time in global history that a President will personally mentor for 3 years).

Of the more than 600 applicants, in addition to the 78 candidates who may be selected, further candidates can be admitted in a parallel programme, through further selection process. These will then be mentored in group classes.

According to Ms. Okoli, “the scope of the mentorship covers Business, Governmental Affairs, Leadership, Global Partnership, Education, Peace, Understanding of Tolerance and other Cultures, Community Empowerment for Sustainable Growth.

This mentorship programme is in line with one of the goals of Grand Africa Initiative which is providing a mentorship platform to bridge the knowledge gap between the highly experienced mentors and the youths thus accelerating their growth-personally and professionally.

Speaking on the importance of this programme, The President of the Global Union, His Excellency Mr. President Houmard stated that the GAIN-Global Union Mentorship Programme is also intended to show that no country should be too far away for you, that no culture and no colour should be disregarded and that you can learn so much from each other and achieve so much more with stable and sustainable cooperation in togetherness.

Building more solid Bases and Safety also for our youth, our future, for all, not through oppression, not through conflict, not through war, it’s a footprint and sign of togetherness and freedom of existence and human being but only in an upswing of sustainable education, togetherness, economic diplomacy, peace and new growth of a better tomorrow, of a better future; With pride and together with GAIN’s Executive Director Ms. Okoli, I open this officiallyin the spirit of multilateral knowledge its program for the applicants of GAIN-Global Union Mentorship Programme.

With these words and on behalf of the GU-GAIN,I wish all the youth many successes, take your time and acquire knowledge, jump over your shadows and learn as long as you can, because no one can take the knowledge away from you.We will also roll out the programme in other countries and continents, depending on the time available.”

Selected youths would be onboarded into the programme which will be for three years. Best mentees stand a further chance of having an exchange programme opportunity in the end. In addition to a certificate, the most outstanding also receive an award.