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Foodr Eats, the Doordash of Africa Set to Rival Jumia Foods and Bolt Foods

Foodr Eats – the new food delivery service set to shake up the food delivery market in Nigeria



Foodr Eats and Foodr Fleet

The market value of online food delivery has witnessed a rapid increase in recent years, and it’s even predicted that the increment would be more prominent in next couple of years.

Moreover, the Nigerian online food delivery market grew at a CAGR of around 13% between 2015 and 2020, and according to IMARC Group, the market is expected to proceed with its strong growth towards 2026.

Reason being that the hectic work schedules and deskbound lifestyles of users are amplifying the demand for ready-to-eat food products in the country.

Likewise, the increase in working women population along with the improving living standards of consumers have led to increase in expenses being made on express food delivery services in the country.

Statistics about food in Nigeria

Launched on the 12th of February, 2022, here we have a new brand with more excellent user experience products, FOODR EATS, a registered Delaware C-CORP Company.

Who are they?

Foodr Eats is a logistics and supply Chain Company that allows users to order food and drinks from various restaurants close to them on their mobile application and have it delivered to their doorstep using a well scrutinized open delivery system.

The brand also have a delivery/drivers app that allows driver sign up to make delivery of food & drinks around the nation and earn a living, which is called Foodr Fleet.

Foodr Eats

Why are they here?

As explained by Mayowa Oladipo, Co-Founder and CEO of Foodr Eats, one of the major challenges that food delivery brands face is coping with customer expectations in terms of food quality and satisfaction.

Mayowa Oladipo, Co-Founder and CEO of Foodr Eats

Mayowa Oladipo, Co-Founder and CEO of Foodr Eats

And to manage this, Foodr Eats is implementing a system were the customer have the chance to choose from a wide range of restaurants around them, this will give customers the free choice of ordering from their favourite restaurants (both local and continental), and this will aid in managing the satisfaction of customers.

Furthermore, since Foodr is not a restaurant of its own, the food qualities will be dependent on the different restaurant that are on the platform and customers will have the opportunity to choose the restaurants they love and trust.

It is also a platform were local and small-scale restaurants can easily reach more customers. Mayowa further stated “We have been able to understand that the two major factors that help a restaurant grow apart from having a lovely meal are visibility and accessibility.

And with the increase in number of internet users in Nigeria, it is important/expected to make good use of this innovation to promote small scale restaurants in the country”.

Moreover, Foodr Eats is also looking forward to covering wider areas, in that they would partner with multiple restaurants across all key areas so that customers can easily order from restaurants around them from wherever they are.

Artificial Intelligence Feature

The most important feature that makes Foodr unique is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in its system which is towards the goal of making Foodr Eats be an experience and food partner for its customers.

Foodr Eats and Foodr Fleet

The integration of the AI system will help in two major ways, which are to recommend food that are readily available based on user, delivery rider and restaurant interactions; provided that some restaurants might run out of stock from their current food menu list, due to unavailability of resources at certain periods and unforeseen circumstances, in a bid to impede such occurrences, the system has been designed in such a way that alternative options would automatically be recommended, and great experience would be provided for the user.

Ifeoluwa Alao Ojo, CTO and Founder

Ifeoluwa Alao Ojo, CTO and Founder

The system also studies the users’ feeding habits in relation with their favourite restaurants and cafes, then recommends healthier options or choices to them.

Ifeoluwa Alao Ojo, CTO and Founder, expanded that in a bid for the brand to serve as a dependable feeding lifestyle partner, the system would be able to study foods being ordered by a user and recommend healthy options from time to time, so as to help the user implement a healthy diet and feeding habit”.

Other Features

Foodr Eats also look to introduce a pay system that will serve as an ecosystem of money transaction while still surrounding food ordering and delivery system. In the sense that users can fund their wallets, schedule payments and food orders, pay for other users, and even use their funds for other transactions such as TV subscriptions, NEPA bills, etc. It would serve as a way for users to save and budget money most importantly for their feeding, and also for other things.


Ifeoluwa stated that a part of this system is already working, where wallets can be funded, but the ultimate function of the system is still a work in progress.

Job Opportunities

Foodr Eats and Foodr Fleet

In addition, Foodr is also introducing a platform for dispatch riders and delivery men called Foodr Fleet to be able to make money by delivering food around them in an independent system hence creating more job opportunities for the society.

The system is an open system, in that anybody with a smartphone and a bike or any form of automobile can register on the app and make extra money by delivering food around them.

The apps are already available in Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users – Download Foodr Eats –  Also Download Foodr Fleet

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