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StartWeb Partners with Haptics Academy to Mentor 1,000 Young African Entrepreneurs

StartWeb, Google, Haptic Academy Train Africa’s Young Business Owners African …partner to mentor young entrepreneurs in Africa



Google Partners Haptic Academy and StartWeb

Google’s “Grow With Google” via its partner, Haptics Academy, has joined forces with Africa’s first No-Code smart and responsive website builder, StartWeb, and has announced a virtual training program designed for African entrepreneurs and small business owners to expand their businesses and upskill for a new digital world.

The partnership will allow participants to stream free lessons on the use of Google’s apps, including Google My Business, Google Workspace, and analytics to expand their businesses and how to build a professional website in minutes without coding or any technical experience by simply editing templates.

The training is scheduled to stream live on YouTube between the 8th and 24th of March 2022. StartWeb will also train participants on how to build professional websites and e-commerce stores in minutes without prior coding or technical experience.

Grow with Google is the tech giant’s initiative to create economic opportunities for Africans, with a focus on the use of Google’s apps such as ‘Google My Business’, ‘Google Workspace’, and ‘Analytics’.

This is done by partnering with organizations, schools, and nonprofits to offer free tools and training that help people get the right skills needed to find jobs, advance careers, and grow businesses.

Google Partners Haptic Academy and StartWeb,


Registration for the mentorship programme can be done here.

Participants will be awarded a Basic Digital Skills Certificate, sponsored by Google and StartWeb, at the end of the training.

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