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How Grace Amuzie Offers Low-Cost Educational Services to Low-Income Families

Grace Amuzie is the first position winner of the Savvy Prize 2022 for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs.



Students of Isrina Schools supported by Grace Amuzie
Students of Isrina Schools supported by Grace Amuzie

Through Isrina Schools, Grace Amuzie, who recently won the first position at the Savvy Prize for Impact Driven Entrepreneurs, is offering low-cost educational services to low-income families who can’t afford their children, basic quality education.

Through her Recycle Pay Project Initiative, Grace Amuzie is enabling these families to afford her inexpensive educational services and learning necessities.

The initiative, which was introduced in 2019, was launched in partnership with the African Clean-up Initiative, which enables low-income families to significantly cover a portion of their children’s fees through the collection and exchange of recyclables for monetary value.

According to Grace, “The use of recyclables has proven to be sustainable and an innovative model of payment needed to ensure accessibility of basic quality education to children from low-income households in various urban and rural communities within my country> This makes it scalable. Through the Recycle Pay project Initiative, Isrina Schools eliminates in its entirety, the existing economic barriers that have limited access to basic quality education in the country.” Isrina Schools targets male and female students between the ages of 2 to 13 from dominantly low-income households, especially out-of-school children.

Grace Amuzie is the first position winner of the Savvy Prize 2022 for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs.

This Prize, running for its first year, seeks to recognize and support the efforts of Savvy Fellows working to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems through innovative and sustainable ways.

The debut edition of the Savvy Prize is being supported by The Roddenberry Foundation and Because International, which comes with a lot of benefits including cash prizes, product development support, and marketing endeavors.

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Out of nearly 3,000 applications from over 120 countries, and a rigorous judging process, 4 winners emerged, including Grace Amuzie.

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