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Over 220 Short Films Shortlisted for AMAA-StarTimes Short Film Festival

The Shorts: Enjoy Over 200 Short Films Showing April 25 – May 25



AMAA-StarTimes Short Film Festival, Short Films
How to vote for AMAA-StarTimes Short Film Festival

Short films numbering over over 220 have been shortlisted for the AMAA-StarTimes Short Film Festival (The Shorts) which started April 25,

The short films selected from over 500 entries across Africa and African Diaspora are aired daily at 8 pm on ST Nollywood Plus channel on StarTimes and all the movies are available on the StarTimes-ON mobile app throughout the festival period.

The short films will be shown from April 25 to May 25 with over $10,000 in prizes for outstanding movies. The winners will be decided by fans’ votes.

 The first prize will get $3000 and a laptop; the 2nd Prize will receive $2000 and a phone; while the 3rd Prize gets $1000 and a phone, and a special prize of $1000 for the best documentary.

How to vote in the AMAA-StarTimes Short Film Festival 

Option 1: Vote via the StarTimes-ON App

1. Download the App and Register to get 5 Votes

2. Pay for your subscription and get additional 5 Votes

3. Share the voting link of your favourite Short Film and get 5 Votes (max 3 shares/15 Votes per day)

4. Link your decoder and get 10 Votes


4b. Each device linked would get 10 votes

5. Any registered customer that renews subscription gets 20 votes each time

Option 2 : Vote via Facebook Page

1. Visit here

2. Vote via Facebook. Each account is allowed to a maximum of 1 Vote 

NB: All votes are valid from 25th April 2022 to 25th May 2022

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