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Like GIGM, Oando is in Talks With Lagos State to Bring in Electric Vehicles

Oando Plc. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, LAMATA, to bring in electric mass transit buses.



The ambitious move by the private sector to see the rollout of more electric vehicles on the streets of Lagos State is gathering momentum.

Experts have agreed that the future of transport would be driven by technology through electric vehicles.

In 2021, GIG Logistics unveiled its electric vehicle in Lagos. Its sister company is currently in talks with the Lagos State Government to bring in EVs.

Now, Oando Plc. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, LAMATA, to introduce electric mass transit buses.

In a statement obtained by TechEconomy,  Abimbola Akinajo, Managing Director, LAMATA, said Oando Clean Energy approached them with a comprehensive solution that went beyond electric mass transit buses to include supporting infrastructure.

She added, “this was key for us, as the full remit of an EV support ecosystem is the only way to achieve success. 

“This initiative will not only accelerate the government’s transportation agenda but will also positively impact the health of Lagosians and the environment.

“The Oando brand comes with know-how and experience, and we are relying on this to successfully move from MoU signing to actual implementation that will in the medium to long term benefit over 22 million Lagos commuters. 

We look forward to a very robust and fruitful partnership.

“The initiative reinforces the importance of Public-Private Partnership, PPP, enabling the continent to actualize its industrialization goals.


Across Africa, the PPP model has become increasingly critical as both a funding and operational mechanism for social and economic infrastructure. 

“It’s a well-known fact that public infrastructure and service needs exceed the capability of Government budgets. This is true in virtually every area of public life across the world, from highways to waterworks. 

“It is for this reason and more that Public Private Partnerships, PPP, are increasingly relied on to enhance the abilities of Governments in addressing pressing public needs and improving the overall quality of life for her citizens.”

According to Adewale Tinubu, Chairman, Oando Clean Energy, Oando Clean Energy was born out of a need to curate the best energy mix to propel Nigeria and indeed Africa, to its full potential. 

He said as a company, Oando has always championed Public-Private Partnerships as fundamental to Nigeria’s industrialization. 

“Through the signing of this MoU, we are revolutionizing the landscape of mobility by pioneering e-mobility in Lagos.

“Furthermore, we remain dedicated to achieving our national commitment to net-zero by 2060, ending energy deficiencies and further propelling the country to an industrialized phase through decentralized and sustainable energy systems.

“We are excited to be embarking on this journey with Lagos State and must commend their foresight and willingness to forge a template for others to follow. 

“It’s easy to be perturbed by the perceived challenges that come with the mega-city status tag, but by taking this bold step, Lagos is showing the continent what is, indeed, possible and giving other cities the impetus to redefine today how to build a public transport system for the future.”


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