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MTN, ETAP to Reward Nigerians for Good Driving

ETAP will also sponsor data for MTN customers to access the app so that it would not consume data from their existing allowance and it would continue to work if they run out of data. 




MTN Nigeria, Africa’s leading technology company, has teamed up with ETAP, a mobility technology company that creates solutions and incentives to improve the automotive experience across Africa, to reward Nigerian drivers for maintaining good driving behavior.

Leveraging ETAP’s game-changing app which uses advanced telematics to monitor driving behavior such as speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, and focus, MTN customers across Nigeria will be able to earn Safe Driving Points that can be converted into vouchers for fuel, shopping vouchers for the most in-demand retail outlets, cinema and concert tickets, as well as vouchers for other exciting experiences.

ETAP will also sponsor data for MTN customers to access the app so that it would not consume data from their existing allowance and it would continue to work if they run out of data. 

MTN is Nigeria’s largest mobile network operator, connecting over 68 million people across the country with each other and to the world.

It is committed to using its vast coverage to enable improved experiences across the country.

As part of this partnership with ETAP, MTN customers will also get a free 35-point car inspection at AutoFast locations in Total filling stations, making it easier to keep their vehicles in the best condition.

ETAP also has a leaderboard where drivers are gamified to maintain good driving behavior. Drivers can monitor the leaderboard in real-time to get actionable insights on their driving behavior, access tips to improve their driving behavior and get rewarded for driving better. In addition, drivers can also challenge each other on who the better driver is based on their leaderboard ranking. 

ETAP’s business model is based on the concept of Shared Value Insurance, which focuses on incentivizing people with rewards to reduce their insurance risk by adopting good behavior. Along with the rewards, drivers can buy insurance in 90 seconds and complete claims in three minutes or less, with flexible coverage options including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual plans depending on their needs.

ETAP also uses machine learning to build intelligent risk profiles that determine appropriate premiums for each driver, allowing them to achieve lower premiums by driving safely.

Adia Sowho, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Nigeria said, “We want to connect our customers to exciting products and services that enable the best experiences, and this partnership with ETAP aligns perfectly with this mission.


We are excited to be working with this innovative company to inspire behavior change on Nigerian roads and ultimately improve the day-to-day experience of millions of Nigerians.” 

Ibraheem Babalola, CEO and founder of ETAP, said “beyond driving much-needed insurance penetration in Nigeria, we are committed to inspiring behavior change on our roads.

We strongly believe that our shared value insurance model combined with MTN’s vast reach has the potential to catalyze improved driving behavior on Nigerian roads.

We are thrilled to have partnered with arguably the biggest company in Nigeria and we are looking forward to working together to drive real change across the country.

Justice Okamgba functions as CONTENT STRATEGIST for with penchant for content planning, development, analysis, management, and measurement. Contact: [email protected]

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ubaso Nwaozuzu

    5 July 2022 at 1:12 PM

    I agree with the premise of the article – that MTN’s partnership with ETAP has the potential to change driving behavior for the better in Nigeria.

    I think this is a great idea and something other countries should consider doing as well.

    I believe that this will help to improve road safety in Nigeria, and it will also help to reduce the cost of insurance for drivers.

    This is a win-win for both MTN and ETAP, and I believe this partnership will benefit all parties involved.

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