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Your Car Breaks Down | You’re Alone in An Unfamiliar Neighbourhood | Now What?

With persistently high crime rates, being stranded at the side of the road is risky… How would you handle car break down?



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It’s inconvenient but inevitable. Whether you’re contending with a simple flat tyre or something more serious, car breakdowns are as common as they are frustrating.

The country’s leading security and medical response marketplace, AURA, recently released its very first Crime Trend Report which lists vehicle breakdowns as one the most popular reasons South Africans call for help via an AURA-powered platform.

With persistently high crime rates, being stranded at the side of the road is risky. So, your engine has given up, you’re alone in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, and stressing out.

What do you do? Take a deep breath, and follow our simple, easy to remember top tips:

  • Carefully make your way towards the emergency lane or safe space at the side of the road away from oncoming traffic.
  • Turn on your hazard lights and place a warning triangle behind your car so you are visible to other motorists.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you feel vulnerable, and it’s safe to do so, stay in your car with your doors locked.
  • Contact emergency roadside assistance as soon as possible.
  • Let a close friend or family member know what’s happened and where you are.
  • If you can safely make the repair to your car, like a tyre change, then do so.
  • Do not leave your car bonnet open.
  • Do not solicit help from other motorists.
  • Do not accept help from anyone except a uniformed police officer, metro police or emergency services provider. Remember you have the right to ask for an identity document showing the officer’s name and photograph.

Emergency services, powered by AURA, ensure rapid mobile emergency response anywhere, anytime within South Africa.

Want to know how you can access an emergency service powered by AURA? Click here.

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