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8 Facts Everyone Should Know About 3D Animation Studios

But before you do that, here are few things to know about this industry, writes Samuel D



3D animation Studios

Avatar, Harry Potter, Planet of the Apes, Game of Thrones, and Marvels’ suit of Sci-Fi action movies – you name it; every single movie (or series) has 3D animation running in its blood. 

Someone who’s seen the “Land of the Lost” series in the early ’90s can imagine how 3D animation has changed the game. 

Not just US, where you can easily find a 3D animation company, almost every movie industry has some room for 3D animation. Today, the industry continues to grow and has become a massive part of a business promotion where marketing campaigns are concerned. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1% from 2022 to 2030.

Whether you’re a marketer, a filmmaker, or an aspiring graphic artist, you may have to interact with a local 3D animation studio at some point. For example, if you happen to be in Hollywood, you’d surely choose to work with 3D animation studios Los Angeles. You can visit them in person and make sure your idea takes the right shape. 

But before you do that, here are few things to know about this industry. 

Interesting Facts About 3D Animation Everyone Should Know 

Animation is the art of manipulating static images and bringing them to life. 3D animation is the art of manipulating natural 3D objects into moveable animated objects. And all those fantasy characters in movies are created in 3D amination studios.

The dragons, the dinosaurs, King Kong, Godzilla, or the Kraken we see in movies are created in 3D animation studios. But this isn’t only about fantasy, as 3D animation is playing a major role in skyrocketing businesses.

Let’s check out some facts below:

1.) CGI and Stop Motion 

This may be the first thing you’ll be asked when you present your idea to graphic artists. There are different types of 3D animation, like: 


Computer-Generated imagery (CGI)

CGI is a category of visual effects (VFX), and the technique behind creating all those gigantic and mythological creatures we see in movies. Graphic artists create these computer-generated images and bring them to life with 3D animation techniques. 

CGI is most popular in the gaming niche because of high-end graphics that look next to real. 

Stop Motion

It is the art of utilizing individual photo frames to give a sense of motion. As the name suggests, this technique involves still pictures of objects.

The objects are manipulated manually and photographed on successive occasions. These individual frames, when run in series, exhibit motion – as if the object is moving. 

2.) 3D Animation is Not Motion Graphics

3D animation deals with moving a character in games, cartoons or movies. A graphic artist animates the character by creating keyframes and actions. The computer will do the rest. 

On the other hand, the ad promotions we normally see on television involve motion graphics. It deals with moving text, shapes, logos, and small objects. This technique doesn’t require a high level of precision. 

3.) 3D Animation Market Size

The industry has been flourishing like never before. You can easily find a 3D animation Atlanta service. Or, if you live in Dallas, Texas, you’ll definitely come across 3D animation Dallas studios in the neighborhood. 

The global market size of 3D animation was about $16.64 billion in 2020. The industry’s current market size is $20.40 billion, which will increase 2.5 times by 2030. 

4.) 3D Animation is Among the Highest Paid Jobs

Did you know that 3D animation is among the highest-paid jobs in the USA? The job itself requires a lot of hard work and is luckily paid well enough.

On average, a 3D animator in the USA makes around $82,000 annually. This figure doesn’t include their bonus. 3D animation studio Atlanta takes up to $96,000.


The total compensation in Atlanta is 18% greater than what 3D animators get in all of the US.

5.) Metaverse

By now, everyone must be familiar with the term, Metaverse. It’s the VR version or 3D version of Facebook where you can connect with your friends, colleagues, and family members. The idea has already taken the world by storm.

Businesses are now competing to acquire virtual real estate in Metaverse’s prime locations that look almost similar to the real locations. They’re hiring 3D artists to create avatars and 3D product profiles. 

So, if you live in NYC, you may want to hire a 3D animation NYC service to decorate your virtual space. It could be your virtual store, workspace, or an exciting hotel resort. Possibilities are endless!

6.) Massive Boost In Sales

In the last few years, several companies that used 3D animation as a tool for their marketing campaigns saw a 40% boost in their sales.

This massive boost ensures that 3D animation is as effective as possible. Today, more than 84% of digital marketers use videos for promotions and campaigns because of their massive reach. In addition, according to research, 72% of consumers today prefer watching a video over reading an article because visuals are way more comprehensive.

7.) Cost Effective than Traditional Marketing Tools

Another known fact about 3D animation is its cost-effectiveness compared to traditional marketing tools.

Although, 3D animation has a higher production cost than motion graphics. But the fact that it stays on the internet for a longer time is much more comprehensive than motion graphics and delivers a clear-cut message is what makes it better.

The amount you’ll invest in buying services from a 3D animation company will surely give you a massive turnover.

8.) The Future

In 2020, when the world saw the worst health crisis of all time, Covid-19, even the most prominent brands turned to 3D animation to get their message across to the masses. Look at one of the many 3D animated videos regarding Covid-19 that came out during the pandemic and were published by none other than WHO.


The current trends in the 3D animation industry highly reflect that most businesses are turning towards 3D animated videos to promote their products and services. It allows them to communicate with their audience in a more comprehensive manner and drive sales. 

Movies have already started mixing live action with animation and are gaining rapid appreciation. Character development is one of the critical things you’ll experience in 3D animation moving forward.

Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the most interesting facts we came across regarding 3D animation studios. As you can see, 3D animation has taken the marketing world by storm. It has worked as one of the most effective tools for running marketing campaigns and driving more sales.

In the long run, 3D animation will become the mainstream tool to promote businesses effectively.

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