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Paco De La India Visits Nigeria to Promote Bitcoin Adoption

Paxful is supporting a popular bitcoiner, PacoDe La India to promote bitcoin adoption in Nigeria and globally. The Bitcoiner is on a mission to tour 40 countries in 400 days in a ‘Run with Bitcoin Tour”



Paco De La India
Paco De La India in Nigeria - Photography Credit @isacjrrr Isac photography Isac Junior

Popular Bitcoin advocate, Paco De La India is in Nigeria to encourage the use of Bitcoin for everyday transactions.

The Bitcoiner, who is on a mission to tour 40 countries in 400 days in a ‘Run with Bitcoin Tour” supported in part by peer-to-peer platform, Paxful, will be introducing Nigerians to the world of possibilities that Bitcoin offers.

During his stay in the country, Paco will be hosting community meet-ups in three major cities across the country, beginning with Lagos, where he met with a community of Bitcoiners on the 30th of July. The remaining events will take place in Kaduna and Abuja on the 10th and 13th of August respectively.

The meet-up events, organized by Paxful, are an opportunity to discuss the use cases of Bitcoin through community engagement with a goal to empower users to attain financial freedom.

Commenting on the “Run with Bitcoin Tour”, Ray Youssef, CEO and Founder of Paxful, said that it’s a great way to increase education and show people how they can maximize Bitcoin’s potential.

He says, “The first step to global Bitcoin adoption is education. Paco’s tour echoes Paxful’s mission to educate the community on what Bitcoin can really do. Through these community events, we will continue to inspire and deepen adoption of Bitcoin across this special country.”

Expressing his excitement, Paco said he is thrilled by the genuine interest for Bitcoin among Nigerians.

He shares, “We had a great turnout at our first event in Lagos. It’s exciting to see the enthusiasm and positivity of the people — it’s clear that Nigeria is truly the Giant of Africa when it comes to adoption. Whether they are new to Bitcoin or are seasoned traders, they are eager to learn more about what Bitcoin can do while meeting people with similar interests.”

Throughout his tour, Paco is challenging himself to use Bitcoin for his everyday transactions while connecting with other Bitcoiners along the way.


At the end of his visit, Paco will head to Cameroon, Central Africa, South Sudan, and Ethiopia. Aside from Nigeria, which is the 17th country he is touring, Paco has also visited India, UAE, Thailand, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, amongst others.

Paco also aims to gather and connect with the growing community of African Bitcoiners for the first African Bitcoin Conference at the end of his tour in Africa. 

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