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​VACANCY – Finance Manager Position at WATRA

All applications from National Regulatory Agencies must reach the WATRA Executive Secretariat no later than 14 October 2022.



WATRA, WATRA Finance Manager

The West Africa Telecommunications Regulators Assembly (WATRA) seeks a seconded Finance Manager from Regulatory Authorities /Agencies of their country to be based in Abuja, Nigeria for the day-to-day operation in the WATRA Secretariat responsible for all long-range financialPage | 3 matters and to establish company-wide financial objectives, policies, programs, and practices, which will ensure the Assembly of a continuously sound financial structure.

Founded in 2002, WATRA is a consultative and collaborative body of Telecommunications Regulators in the West African sub region to aid and advance development of telecommunications in the sub region and ultimately in Africa. WATRA will collaborate and cooperate with other regional and international organizations towards the ​​attainment of its mission to ensure the rapid development of telecommunications in the sub region. Read about WATRA’s background here.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Finance Manager;

Oversees the management of WATRA financial investments, assets, and response to External Auditors on financial policies, procedures, and internal control. Ensure implementation of External Auditors recommendations.

Oversees the planning, organization and management of all procurement activities and the provision of advice to management on auditors’ performance reports.

Oversee all operational accounting aspects, including accounts payable, general ledger, and financial reporting of Management Accounts & Budget

Handle Salary range and benefits package to be discussed with Administration department commensurate with experience.

Directly accountable to the Executive Secretary for the performance of all responsibilities related to financial management and Provide reports on


company finances as requested by the Executive Secretary.

Specifically, the duties of Finance Manager shall include:

• Advise the Executive Secretary on financial matters and related statutory and regulatory framework

• Create and strengthen the risk management policy of the Assembly to safeguard investments and support spending decisions

• Improve and strengthen existing internal controls

• Oversee the external auditors and assist with financial audit

• Analyze complex financial data

• Direct the long-term financial strategy and planning for the Assembly

• Develop and implement accounting policies and procedures to effectively prepare the Assembly financial records in accordance to existing regulatory and statutory laws.

• Establishes and administers tax policies and procedures.


• Manages the application and maintenance of accounting software systems.

• Assures protection for the assets of the business through internal control, internal auditing and assuring proper insurance coverage.

• Develop and monitor budgets and strategic financial plans, with key emphasis on quarterly reviews of WATRA profitability and cash flow position

• Manage the cash-flow position of WATRA.

• Building a team to focused professionals to continually deliver timely financial reporting to drive better results.

• To approve all agreements concerning financial obligations, such as vendor contracts and related actions requiring a commitment of financial resources.

• Maintain and update employee handbook as related to staff welfare and benefits to Executive Secretary.

• Manage employee pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys and salary revisions.

• Assist the Executive Secretary in the formulation of overall corporate objectives.

Selection Criteria:

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC’s) blog post indicates that the Finance Manager;


a) Must be a citizen of member state and institution of WATRA

b) Must have a B.Sc. degree in Accounting or Finance equivalent with relevant work experience in Telecommunications/ICT sector and a Master’s degree will be an advantage.

c) At least Five (5) years’ experience in financial management and accounting.

d) To have Strong interpersonal skills, including written and oral communication skills

e) Must be fluent in one of the official languages of the region. Knowledge of the other official languages shall be an added advantage. The working languages of WATRA are English and French

f) Must demonstrate the ability to advise senior management on policies, strategies and priorities for financials matters and to formulate procedures and plans.

g) Experience in the preparation of budgets and projections

h) Excellent conceptual and analytical abilities

i) Strong computer skills including Excel, Word, and financial accounting software.

j) Must be between 30-40 years when submitting application


k) Submit a complete application file on time and in accordance with the requirements.

Documents required:

a) A letter of submission of candidacy addressed to the Executive Secretary of WATRA Secretariat. This letter of submission must be signed by the person empowered to bind the Agency or the regulatory authority of the candidate’s member country.

b) Application letter signed by the candidate.

c) A certified copy of the candidate’s degree and other relevant certificates

d) The attestation(s) legalized justifying the candidate’s experience.

e) Detailed, dated, and signed curriculum vitae of the candidate.

f) A legalized copy of the national identity document or passport.

Conditions for submission of Application

a) Applications must bear the reference number of the recruitment notice


b) The applicant must submit recent curriculum vitae indicating qualifications, experience and professional competence attached with a motivation letter.

c) Only one application file is authorized per member state. All applicants must be passed by the Regulatory Authorities / Agencies of their country of origin who select a candidate which he will endorse and submit his application file

d) Members of Regulatory Agencies / Authorities are responsible for transmitting the application files to the WATRA Secretariat in a closed envelope marked WATRA/RFM/EC/2022/05/01 DO NOT OPEN via courier service.

e) All applications from the Regulatory Authority/Agency should be addressed to:

The Executive Secretary

WATRA Executive Secretariat.

No 19B Bobo Street

Maitama District

Abuja – FCT



Application submission deadline

All applications from National Regulatory Agencies must reach the WATRA Executive Secretariat no later than 14 October 2022.

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