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  • Rise Networks Launches Run-Am, an AI based Fake News Verification Mobile App for Nigeria’s 2023 Elections

Rise Networks Launches Run-Am, an AI based Fake News Verification Mobile App for Nigeria’s 2023 Elections

“Fake news detection is a complex task and there is no single approach that can solve it".

Nine Tips for Using Dating App

Kaspersky privacy experts share tips for a safe online dating experience:

Valentine’s Day: Nigeria are ‘Searching for Love on Google, See Trends Report

The data provides a unique window into the hearts and minds of the country's residents as they seek answers and ideas related to the occasion.

See 9 Ways AI is Powering Google Products

Here are nine ways Google use AI, today, to make the products even more helpful, including some of the recently announced features:

Zoho Unveils Unified Communications Platform . Hits 30% YoY Revenue Growth,  16 million+ Users Globally

Establishing itself as a central work hub or virtual headquarters, Zoho Workplace is a unified office platform that combines collaboration, productivity, and communications tools.

Google Map’ Immersive View’ Live in additional 1000 Cities

Using advances in AI and computer vision, immersive view fuses billions of Street View and aerial images to create a rich, digital model of the world. And it layers helpful…

Take Control of Your Time with Instagram Quiet Mode

Meta is also making updates to its supervision tools to make it easier for parents to talk to their teens about their Instagram settings.

10 Must-Have Apps for Every Muslim 2023

Here are our top ten picks for must-have apps for 2023:

Reinvigorate Your Zest for Life with These Apps

These apps cover a range of topics, including math, science, reading and more. One of the main benefits of kids apps is that they provide children with a safe and…

Low-Code Market to Grow 20% in 2023 – Gartner

Business Technologists, Hyperautomation and Composability Will Drive Low-Code Technology Adoption Through 2026

Meet Huawei Apps UP 2022 Global App Innovation Contest winners

Huawei’s Global App Innovation Contest (Apps UP) is one of the most exciting and rewarding initiatives tailored to meet the demands of the global and regional developer community.

2023 Nigeria Election: Meta Moves against Misinformation, Hate Speech

“To further educate Nigerians on how to spot false news and the actions to take, we are partnering with local radio stations to create ‘#NoFalseNews’ radio dramas in English and…

Take your sport obsession to greater heights with AppGallery

Take on multiple leader boards and rank to the top, with stimulating games from AppGallery. From soccer, volleyball, billiards, cricket, rugby, tennis and more, you can be spoilt for choice this…

Stay Current with Petal Search’s Personalised Features

FOMO, you know – the fear of missing out – has become a massive thing in our connected world.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud Helps You Secure Mobile Data at Affordable Price

With the Gallery Sync feature of HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, you can save all your images and videos to the cloud.