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How to Use Videos to Sell Faster

Article Written by: Kenneth Horsfall Using videos to sell products or services is an effective and proven way to increase conversions and revenue. Studies have shown that people who watch…

How Adding Creativity to your Marketing Strategies Boosts Customers, Revenue Growth

Your brand is not a billboard or a product, it's about you and what you stand for

Five Financial Planning Tips for African Freelancers and Gig Workers

Article written by: Idorenyin Obong, CEO of Grey, Africa The global pandemic has accelerated the pace of change, causing significant disruption across labour markets and forever changing how we work.…

Samsung Nigeria Mother’s Day Special Offer

Samsung Electronics Nigeria is celebrating the Nigeria women in its SAMSUNG MOTHER’S DAY OFFER. Samsung appliances are an epitome of Strength, Reliability and Consistency and we can liken Mothers similarly…

Online Tools and Tips to Identify Fake News

We are in the era of fake news. Nigeria will conduct one of the most interesting presidential elections in the history of the country tomorrow, February 25, 2023. Supporters from…

5 Things Every Tech Bro Needs

There is an increasing surge of wanna-be techies, and in case you are thinking of joining the "tech bros", here are five things you need to kick start

4 Methods for Meeting Customers at their Pain Points Instead of Just Selling

By investing in advanced technology, organisations can address customer pain points effectively to achieve greater customer satisfaction, which ultimately boosts engagement and revenue. 

Four Things to Know about Google’s work with AI

Today Google approach to AI is laid out clearly in the Google AI Blueprint - detailing the company’s approach to pursuing AI responsibly.

5 Reasons You Won’t Get a Gift this Valentine’s

It's a day when lovers exchange gifts, love cards and treats among themselves and make their partners feel special.

Keeping your Mental Health in Check

Balance is key to both financial health and mental health

[GUIDELINES] Bloggers Should Focus on Contents, SEO, Driving Traffic before Monetization 

Many occupations and careers have been redefined by the Internet. Utilizing the Internet, many people are moving and changing their lives. Others are starting to work as content producers, YouTubers,…

5 Ways to Survive the Last Week of January on a Budget

Here are a few ways you can see out the last week of January in flying colours on a tight budget:

How to Create and Maintain Effective Documentation for IT Systems

Article written by Kayode Omotehinse ==== Effective documentation is an essential part of any IT system, as it provides important information about the system’s components, configuration, and usage. Proper documentation…

Five Ways to Achieve the Ultimate “Detty December” this Year.

Because we want you to have the perfect Detty December this year, we’ve got something for you.  We have compiled 5 ways you can enjoy your Detty December.

How You Can Become a Pro vlogger this Festive Season

It’s time to capture your memories: Lets help you become a pro vlogger this festive season