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  • Five Ways Furniture is Creating the Hybrid Office of the Future

Five Ways Furniture is Creating the Hybrid Office of the Future

SA’s most competitive businesses are creating a welcoming, respectful, and inviting ‘return to work’ environment

Harness the Gaming Potential in Africa with Huawei

Using the HUAWEI Game Service, African developers get global coverage with a potential market size of millions of Huawei mobile phone users.

Zoho Tips: 5 Ways to Simplify Your Email Life

The more organized you are with your email, the better off you will be, writes Vaishnavi Soundarrajan - Regional Manager - Marketing, MEA - Zoho Corporation

How to Unlock Your Winter Fashion Creativity with HUAWEI Petal Search

South Africans are fortunate in that we rarely have a prolonged Winter However, just because we don’t get snowstorms doesn’t mean our wardrobes should go through a barren patch. The…

Tips for Building a Low-Code Strategy

Traditional ways of developing consumer and internal applications are time consuming and usually require a large number of development resources, writes Hyther Nizam, President - MEA, Zoho Corp.

5 Ways to Reduce Recruitment Costs without Compromising the Quality of Your Hires

Running a business comes with lots of expenses, and recruitment costs are sitting right at the top of that list. Here’s how you can cut down on the cost without…

How to Open a MoMo PSB Wallet

A market activation of MoMo PSB took place today at Oke-Arin market in Marina, Lagos, where traders were shown how to open a MoMo PSB wallet

Top Five AI-Powered Blockchain Projects to Keep an Eye on

AI has broad applications, while the blockchain is tied primarily to the cryptocurrency industry, writes Daniel Korolija

Is Someone Trying to Hack your Facebook Account?

"How to change Facebook password" records over 10,000 average monthly searches in Nigeria

Why Sales are Critical to a Company’s Success

Every business seeks to maximize sales and improve profits. All this is impossible unless you have a solid sales team, writes DANIEL M

A Simple Study Guide to the PTCB Examination

Do you want to be a pharmacy technician? The PTCB exam is an important part of your journey, writes DANIEL

Listicle: Here’s 5 Ways to Turn Up the Love this Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air as Cupid’s favourite day approaches. Now, as the world has begun to open up again following lockdowns and restrictions, this Valentine’s Day is the perfect…

Listicle: 5 Safety Tips to Promote More Empowering Experience for Youths Online

"If your phone is always lighting up and blinking with notifications that are distracting, you can now manage this for a better social media experience"

Becoming a Technology Man of Substance

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, it is essential to become a technology man of substance in order to stay relevant and competitive. Oluseye Ayorinde, an experienced product manager at…

Measuring Online Marketing Success with Adbot

Did you know that the average person searches on Google between three and four times every single day and that the search engine processes over 3.5 billion searches daily? What…