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  • How Meta is Preparing for Nigeria’s 2023 General Elections

How Meta is Preparing for Nigeria’s 2023 General Elections

"We remove the most serious kinds of misinformation from Facebook and Instagram, such as content that could contribute to imminent violence or physical harm, or that is intended to suppress…

How Tech is Enabling Sustainable Development in Africa

"Every corporate and government needs support – whether through data, AI tools, or digital infrastructure like the cloud to reduce emissions, reach targets, and enable Africa’s sustainable development".

AI Could Completely Transform Interactive Advertising

Advertising has also been at the forefront and driving seat of many major technological shifts that have defined the past two decades.

It’s Time to Demystify Intellectual Property in Kenyan Innovation

"...we need to catalyse engagement between innovators, stakeholders and policymakers in Kenyan Intellectual Property".

The Onslaught of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

"As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, it is expected to have a significant impact on how we live and work".

The Onslaught of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

"I am among those who are nervous about the unleashing of AGI systems in our society. I therefore believe that when designing and implementing AGI, it is critical to proceed…

[ANALYSIS] Tech Policy of the Four Leading Presidential Candidates in Nigeria

Here is an analysis of the technology policy of the four leading candidates in the 2023 Nigerian election on February 25, 2023, based on their Manifestoes

Championing Africa’s Sustainable Future through Innovation and Exemplary e-Waste Management

As we move toward 2025, Ericsson believes it is possible to scale up 5G, while simultaneously aiming to break the rising energy consumption curve.

Five Technology Priorities for Enhancing the African Healthcare Sector

"One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers is how to provide services that deliver optimised outcomes for each individual patient".

A New Year’s Resolution for SA’s Energy Crisis

According to calculations by industry analysts, this will require an estimated R1.2 trillion in investment before 2035 to mitigate the energy crisis.

12 Things Every Public Relations Professional in Corporate Sector Should Do in 2023

This year, like all others, has 12 months. I have written out 12 things, you can do this year to be better at your job. 

New Outlook on Skills Development Can Solve CTO Headaches, Fast-track Coding Careers in 2023

By training young people on live projects, companies ensure the candidates build crucial experience on their existing workflows and technology stack.

A Connected Customer Experience, Key to Establishing Thriving Experience Economy in Uganda

Whether we are talking about the customer experience, the patient experience, or the citizen experience, it is imperative that organisations understand ever-changing and evolving customer needs.

During High Inflation, Great Customer Experience isn’t just a Competitive Differentiator – It’s a Matter of Survival 

Article Written by Hyther Nizam, President – MEA, Zoho Corp. ====== Inflation is on almost everyone’s mind right now. Around the globe, the supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19…

Top 7 Trends That Will Shape Nigeria’s ICT Sector In 2023

Looking ahead into 2023 here are potential trends that may shape the development of ICT in the new year.