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NITDA’s Governing Board Inaugurated




The Minister of Communication, Mr. Adebayo Shittu, today inaugurated the newly constituted Governing Board for the National Information Development Agency.

The Minister charged them on maximum corporations with the management to ensure smooth operations at the Agency and for the benefits of all Nigerians.

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National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) was created in April 2001 to implement the Nigerian Information Technology Policy and co-ordinate general IT development in the country.

It was mandated by the National Information Technology Development Act (2007) to create a framework for the planning, research, development, standardization, application, coordination, monitoring, evaluation and regulation of Information Technology practices, activities and systems in Nigeria.

The Honourable Minister of Communications, Barr Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu inaugurates #NITDA new governing board, charged with the responsibility of formulating policies for the management of affairs of the Agency

Its role therefore is to develop Information technology in the country through regulatory standards, guidelines and policies. Additionally, NITDA is the clearing house for all IT projects and infrastructural development in the country.

It is the prime Agency for e-government implementation, Internet governance and general IT development in Nigeria.

The New Governing Board has Prof. Adeolu Akande as chairman.

Commenting during the ceremony held in Abuja today, he said, “We have a duty as Governing Board members to pay tribute to the founding fathers of this great Agency”.