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TechSoft International Unveils Cloud Solution – TIBCO ModelOps – to Local Partners

TechSoft International unveiled cloud solution – TIBCO ModelOps to local partners and customers



TIBCO ModelOps by TechSoft International

TechSoft International, the exclusive African territory partner of TIBCO Software, the global leader for integration and analytics, has announced the local availability of the newly released TIBCO® ModelOps, a solution that significantly simplifies and improves the scale of cloud-based analytic model management, deployment, monitoring, and governance.

According to a market study by Technavio, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market is expected to increase by USD 76.44 billion from 2020 to 2025, with an accelerated CAGR of 21%.

However, in Africa, access to data science skills to build bespoke AI solutions remains a challenge.

With the release of TIBCO ModelOps, organisations can now embrace AI confidently and roll out solutions quickly, in essence helping them take significant strides towards democratising AI.

“With the release of ModelOps, TIBCO has put a stake in the ground by enabling business users to take AI out of the lab and onto the road. And it is achieving this by providing customers self-service access to data science through simplifying AI development and deployments,” says Rajen Nagar, Professional Services Executive at TechSoft International. “This is a big boost for African companies wrangling with the skills challenge as it allows business users, data scientists, analysts, and IT to manage and deploy thousands of models in production with complete governance and management capabilities.”

According to TechSoft International, ModelOps reduces the time to AI and leverages TIBCO’s market leadership in data science, data visualization, and business intelligence by delivering an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage AI experience. Key capabilities outlined by TIBCO include ease-of-applying analytics to applications, identification and mitigation of bias, and transparency and manageability of an algorithm’s behaviour within business-critical applications.

With ModelOps, a team can now move AI models into production environments with simplified deployment functionality and full management capabilities for model pipelines. Further, with a format-agnostic solution, users can draw from all common model formats, including any on-premises or cloud service model, through the inclusion of API-based models.

Key features include:

  • Ability to easily build, deploy, and manage all AI/ML models.
  • Teams can now enable any AI anywhere.
  • Construct new models from existing AI model components.
  • Understand the risks and potential regulatory penalties of bias in AI models and how to fix them.
  • Granular roles and responsibilities can be created for sales, IT, risk and compliance managers, and executive team members.
  • Visual dashboards allow users to review deployed models and models in development.

TechSoft International partners and customers can tap into the TIBCO “better together” vision as ModelOps simplifies the addition of governed models to TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO Data Virtualization, and TIBCO Streaming. And with ModelOps, users also benefit from a platform to scale data science efforts while keeping in line with a governed, process-oriented approach to data science.

“For AI to effectively deliver on its automation promise, we need to strip out the complexity and move away from rules-based models that offer very little flexibility. With ModelOps, we see a move to more intelligent and seamless automation that draws its power from validated and secure AI models,” ends Nagar.

Visit HERE for a full view of TIBCO ModelOps.

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