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The Prospects for Tech Career in the Future | By Emmanuel Otori

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  • The Prospects for Tech Career in the Future | By Emmanuel Otori

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The Prospects for Tech Career in the Future | By Emmanuel Otori

A growing demand for qualified technologists exists due to how prevalent technology has become.

2 Ways storytelling can support your pitch to investors . By Emmanuel Otori

Storytelling has been found to be an underlying magic when pitching to investors and while I suggest that the stories…

Economic Implications of the Introduction of New Naira Notes in Nigeria

Article Written by Emmanuel Otori

How Much Initial Investment in Startup is Creating Unrealistic Optimism and Too Little Sustainability

"Bear in mind that optimism alone is insufficient to generate a sustainable business; instead, a combination of enough investment and…

How Businesses Can Generate Profits by Adopting Consistent Cash Flow Mechanisms

EMMANUEL OTORI writes: The need for cash in business is so enormous that without some activities running, a total collapse might be…

How to Sell to a Logical Customer

“Give me a reason and I will believe”. Emmanuel Otori writes:

Is Loan Financing the Best for Startups?

Unlike an established business with traction, startups are like the way they sound - starting from the scratch, writes Emmanuel…

2023 Economic Outlook for Nigeria

Reprojected in October World Economic Outlook, Nigeria’s GDP is projected to drop to 3.2% in 2023 with a difference of 0.2% in…

How SMEs Can Take Advantage of Social Media Advertising for Scalability

Article by Emmanuel Otori ====== For every company out there, there is an in depth goal to increase her market share…

How Businesses Can Prevent and Combat Cyber Threats


Implications of the Startup Bill for Digital Businesses in Nigeria

As of September 2022, over 481 startups were operating in Nigeria and 383 of those raised more than $2 billion…

How Standard of Living in Africa is Making Startups Innovate around Disposable Income

An organization in its early phase of existence is referred to as a start-up. Entrepreneurs that desire to create a…

How Startups Can Conduct Business Pitching for Solid Closing

As a startup, you must always be prepared to make a pitch in order to impress or excite people about…

Managing Rising Inflation in Nigeria

Over the past 10 years, Nigeria have long struggled with a general increase in the cost of food, goods, and…

How to Keep Your Business Running After Working Hours

“Whenever the customer wants it, you should be there”. Article by Emmanuel Otori