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  • CSEAN Identifies How You Can Fix These Four Bad Password Habits – It’s World Password Day!

CSEAN Identifies How You Can Fix These Four Bad Password Habits – It’s World Password Day!

To mark this day, Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) in a post pointed out some bad password habits and how to fix them.

May 5 World Password Day: Five Must-Haves for Creating a Secure Password, according to Check Point Software

May 5 World Password Day - To protect ourselves from cybercriminals, it is essential to use a combination of characters when creating a password, use different passwords for each account,…

Sophos Five Best Practices to Defend against Ransomware, Related Cyberattacks

"Prepare for the worst. Know what to do if a cyber incident occurs and keep the plan updated"

Ransomware Hit 71% of Nigerian Organizations Surveyed for Sophos’ Annual “State of Ransomware 2022”

Sophos report shows 44% of Nigerian Organizations that had Data Encrypted in a Ransomware Attack Paid the Ransom

The African Challenge: Cybersecurity Awareness on the Continent

The challenge is that people are still taking unnecessary risks, in spite of their growing awareness and understanding of cybercrime The 2021 KnowBe4 African Cyberthreat Report focused on key metrics…

Investments, Streaming and a Pandemic: How Fraudsters Used Spam, Phishing in 2021

Kaspersky recommends use of proven security solution when surfing the web

Cyberthreats in Nigeria Are Rising, But Businesses Still Lack Strong Identity Protection

Microsoft’s threat and data research shows just 22 percent of Cloud Identity Solution and Azure Active Directory users have implemented strong identity authentication protection, writes Mohamed El Nemr, Modern Workplace and…

F5 Labs’ Top 5 Predictions Around Cybercrime in 2022

This year will see cybercrime incidents, fallouts, and innovations rise to worrying new levels of sophistication and reach. To make sense of it all, F5 Labs assembled a group of experts to…

6% of All New Valentine’s Day Related Domains Found to be Malicious – Report

Share your love on Valentine’s Day, but keep your credentials to yourself

Acronis Launches Cyber Cloud Data Center in Lagos, Nigeria

The centre provides service provider partners with access to a comprehensive set of cybersecurity solutions upon which they can develop new services while providing their clients with speedier access, consistent…

Safer Internet: Google to Expand its 2-Step Verification Auto Enrollments

Google has announced expansion of its two-step verification (2SV) process for log-ins to enhance account security after its newly introduced two step verification initiative saw a 50 percent drop in…

This Safer Internet Day – Are You Covered?

‘’2022 is just beginning and we have already seen some major ransomware attacks. And with the new hybrid way of working, we all need to adapt our security mindset. Everyone…

Safer Kids Online – Implementing Screen Limits and Protecting the Work of Future Leaders

ARTICLE By Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO of ESET South Africa

Backup and Recovery is Key to the Growing Threat of Ransomware in Nigeria

Opinion Piece By Bar Hori, Regional Sales Executive and Gerhard Fourie, Channel Lead at Commvault Africa

Data Privacy: Compliance is Not a Compromise

The safeguarding and protection of data should not be a box ticking exercise in the current security landscape