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Meet World Summit Awards Nigerian winners; see their solutions



World Summit Awards
The 2019 World Summit Awards have come and gone, however, you have the opportunity of meeting the nominees from Nigeria (national), winners of awards and their solutions, as presented by the WSA Eminent National Expert for Nigeria, Mr. Amos Emmanuel.

In 2019, numerous innovative people in Nigeria, using digital solutions to take action on local issues applied for the global UN World Summit Awards competition on local innovation with high impact on society.

Combining an ongoing series of international events, activities and research with a global network of partners, experts, social entrepreneurs, digital policy think-tanks and major collaborations, Programos’ Innovationbed. Africa initiative leverages the World Summit Awards under its intervention #3 as an international platform for ICTs Entrepreneurship with impact on society – showcasing best practices worldwide: Here are the WSA 2018 nominations sorted by regions!

The WSA Eminent National Expert for Nigeria Mr. Emmanuel Amos, President, Programos Foundation shared results with the press, expressing that some applicants and their products have emerged winners in their respective innovation categories having evoked state-of-the-art changes in their communities by producing best local content innovations impacting our society positively after Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs and deserving global and local recognitions.

United Nations World Summit Awards Local Chapter in Nigeria on a yearly basis provides a unique global selection of how digital applications provide solutions to solve local issues.

WSA Nigeria now operated as the Tech-Awards & Jury module (aka intervention #3 of the InnovationBed.Africa tech ecosystem development initiative of Programos Foundation), is charged with the responsibility to identifying the best Nigerian Digital Innovations with positive impact on society and recommending them to the international stage of the World Summit Awards Global Contest. Through this annual process Nigeria has had impressive participation at the global awards with indigenous entrepreneurs leaving indelible marks on the world innovation map to date.

Who are WSA-Nigeria National Nominees 2019?

In the Government and Citizen Engagement – A product titled Tax Administration And Processing System (TAAPS) by a female innovator  Irene Mmam of Telnet. The have successfully driven digital transformation efforts that improved business outcomes with the many projects and companies.

Tax Administration And Processing System

World Summit Awards

TAAPS features include:

– Elimination of business silos, allowing the department to view all taxpayer activity across tax types- Ability to perform online updates to taxpayer attributes
– Ability to enforce pre-determined business rules for tax registration
– Provides audit trail of changes made to the system
– Ability to process returns and related forms for each applicable tax type, as follows:
• Withholding Tax
• Value Added Tax
• Capital Gains Tax
• Pay as you Earn
• Road Taxes etc.
– Ability to view all returns processed for a particular taxpayer by taxpayer (TIN), period or tax type
– Ability to configure rules and detect compliance

JTB Unique TIN Project
The National Taxpayer Identification Number (T.I.N.) Project is an initiative of the Joint Tax Board (JTB) in collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Governments of all 36 States including the Federal Capital Territory.

Telnet in collaboration with its partners was able to deliver a fully integrated taxpayer identification system which supports online and offline biometrics registration of taxpayers and issuance of Smart Card/ Identification Card to taxpayers. The objective was for every taxpayer in the country to be able to obtain a one-time harmonised tax number that identifies them and with which they will pay their taxes.

Telnet and its partner are deploying an Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) to assist Nigeria’s Federal Inland Revenue Service to enhance revenue collection by automating the administration, payment, and refund processes.

JFIRS – Project FACT
Project FACT stands for Friendly Accurate Complete Timely. Through this project, we helped the federal government automate systems for taxpayer registration, tax collection and remittance, all to improve tax compliance. Project FACT also eliminated errors and delays in payment processing, information, and helped increase revenue.

NIBSS – Cheques Clearing Project
Telnet was a key member of the consortium that developed and implemented the Cheques Clearing Initiative. This improved the speed of cheque clearing and processing nationwide. The initiative resulted in the reduction in the number of clearing days from between T+7 days and T+21 days to T+2 days nationwide.

Telnet through SoftWorks is a SWIFT Ready Service Partner for the region. As SWIFT Service Ready partners, we deliver all onsite technical services with SWIFT Certified Experts. We provide on-boarding assistance for institutions who would wish to participate in SWIFT. We also provide technical assistance for implementing network and messaging interface solution.

Nigeria Customs Service Integration
“We integrated the FIRS Collection Systems with the Nigeria Customs Services for the automation of VAT on imports collection, remittance and reporting”.

CAC Integration
“We automated the company registration process and oversaw the issuance of RC Numbers by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to include the issuance of Tax Identification Number (T.I.N) issued by Federal Inland Revenue Service (F.I.R.S) on the CAC registration certificate”.

Project EAGLE
Provision of the security and network management infrastructure for Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) managed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Nigeria LNG
Design and implementation of an explosion-proof camera system for gas plant surveillance application.

Shell Petroleum Development Company Of Nigeria
Implementation of a nationwide CCTV system and access control system including automatic revolving doors and biometric systems.

HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE CATEGORY was won by A product titled CHEKKIT APP by Mr Dare Odumade of Chekkit Technologies LLC .

World Summit Awards

Chekkit Technologies LLC, based in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, was founded in 2018 by Mr. Dare Odumade, Ms. Jida Asare, Mr. Tosin Adelowo and Mr. Adebola Oyenuga.

The company is specialized in developing secured software for food, beverage and drug distribution tracking & consumer intelligence through anti-counterfeiting services which makes physical products smart and traceable across supply chain both offline and online and employs 6 staff members.

The fast-forward thinking concept of the company has identified potential to grow and lead the connected products economy and industry 4.0 in Africa.

FMCG and pharmaceutical producers lack efficient data aggregation processes for accurate market demand prediction, which leads to >30% revenue losses and entrance of counterfeits.
The Entrance of counterfeits doesn’t just cause losses to businesses but is responsible for deaths of millions of consumers in developing economies – in Africa and Asia – yearly.

Chekkit solves this through a blockchain secured tracking system leveraging USSD, barcode and anti-counterfeit QR scan technology to automate data collection, address inventory/assets status tracking, consumer intelligence and provide end-to-end distribution transparency.

“We offer our solutions via two (2) platforms –
1. Consumer Intelligence platform – for product authentication, anti-counterfeiting and last mile market insights
2. Supply Chain Platform – for product distribution chain tracking.

Chekkit Consumer intelligence platform; for product anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and real-time market insights. This tool will always help producers gain ROI for all promotional/marketing and brand protection spends.

“Chekkit Supply chain tracking platform; for product distribution and inventory/asset tracking. This tool helps save time, prevents stock outs and ensures end-to-end transparency on all product supply-chain/distribution processes”.


World Summit Awards

Chima Ezeokoye is one of three co-founder, including Celestine Ezeokoye and Majid Tokurah, of WeMove Technologies Ltd. WeMove is primarily a transport technology company building software solutions to ease transportation and related businesses in Africa. There he oversees business development and partnerships that eases tourism issues.

WeMove Tourism an end-to-end tourism servicing system in Africa using technology and shared value to create a human-centered tourism distribution network.

Handling the value-chain from recruiting and planning to distribution of tour packages.
Our solutions includes;

The Trip – Quarterly tour planners discovery and recruitment program.

WeMove Planner – Online tour planning and management software (33+ tour companies using)

WeMove Rally – Human centered tourism distribution network ( 125 registered influencers as affiliates, 13 corporate partners, and 14 remote sales agent)

“Our solution ‘Rally for corporates’ allow organizations to offer tourism as incentive to their staff. This can potentially serve the over 36 million registered businesses in Nigeria. Also 2.3billion employed population of Africa and Asia”.

Wemove Technologies Ltd manages an online vehicle hire portal, which avails the public access to over 2000 vehicles for hire. It’s range of other technology products and services Also includes tourism solutions like WeMove Planner – which takes 70% off the stress of organizing a tour package, and WeMove Rally – a simple distribution tool for tour packages.

WeMove won the ADIS Prize for Innovation 2019 in Silicon Valley, USA. And was listed by Union Bank/Connect Nigeria as one of the top 100 startup in Nigeria 2018, in partnership with the British Council. Also made the 3 finalist in the ‘Outstanding entrepreneurship category’ of the 2019 African Tourism Leadership Forum and Award, held in Durban South Africa, this August.

It is backed by foreign investors from the USA and a local investors.

Before WeMove, Chima has been a serial leader. Having managed multi-national teams in the capacity of Head of Communications in VConnect Global Services which rendered service to over 1.2million businesses in Nigeria.

Chima has a clear vision of impacting tech businesses through design and execution of business, communications strategy, service relations and growth.

He is passionate about transportation, strategy, technology and human psychology.

BUSINESS AND COMMERCE CATEGORY was won by a product titled AFRIMART produced by Ojeniyi Olajide:

World Summit Awards

Afrimart is a one-stop heritage e-commerce platform  focused on providing seamless services with the highest level of customer satisfaction-with a variety of products like; African Antiques, Crafts, Traditional Music Instrument, Artifacts, Traditional Wears, Traditional Games and Agro-Allied products. This is a new business initiative, the very first of its type for this category of African heritage products. Our business model is to distribute and export these products mainly to earn foreign exchange into the economy.

“Our vision at Afrimart is to boost the sales of local craftsmen and farmers by buying directly from them as well as distributing and exporting to the target market. This will create direct and indirect jobs along the production chain, earn foreign exchange, stimulate Agricultural production and also provide a stable revenue for local craftsmen and farmers.

“We plan to use an e-wallet built on blockchain technology for transactions with our target market as well as with the local craftsmen and farmers. Our aim is to use the blockchain technology to curb the challenges of online payment encountered by most e-Commerce platform and export industry in Africa. As a social impact we also have a plan to train these local craftsmen and farmers on the use of ICT with focus on data gathering and blockchain for efficient production and target marketing.

Olajide Ojeniyi is a dynamic individual with a passion for research and innovation. He studied computer Science at the Lagos State University.

He has attended extensive leadership, policy making and management courses from British Council, Pan-African University (EDC), GE Garage, Daystar Leadership Academy and Centre for Enterprise Development and Action Research. On the short term he is gaining hands-on experience in business by collaborating with others to tackle socio-economic problems in Africa.

As a recognition of his proven record of civic engagement, business and youth leadership, in the year 2015 he was inducted as a Youth Governance Ambassador by TIE Nigeria; a Youth advocacy group supported by Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative and the United States Consulate.

In addition he was one of the few youths selected to partake in a Youth Enterprise survey programme organized by the World Bank in the year 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2019. He recently won the Business Excellence Award in 2019, organized by the World Confederation of Businesses, USA.

Environment and Gren Energy was won by a product titled FARMZ2U by yet another female Aishat Raheem

World Summit Awards

Aisha Raheem is the founder of Farmz2U a food and agricultural technology start-up based in Nigeria and serving Sub-Saharan African markets.

A British-Nigerian national, Aisha is a repatriate who moved back to the continent to address the challenges of food sustainability. Farmz2U employs artificial intelligence in using data and predictive analytics to optimize farmers’ agricultural value chain.

As an executive director at Farmz2U, Aisha is responsible for aligning technical development with the business position, optimizing strategic partnerships and managing investor relationships amongst other activities. Under her leadership Farmz2U has received recognition as a leading startup including; a £5,000 grant from ShellLivewire in 2016 and recognition as a leading female entrepreneur by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2019, amongst others.

She is a part qualified Chartered Management Accountant and an Economics graduate from Queen Mary University of London. And through an extensive career in asset management and strategic consultancy, she has worked with clients and employers like Schroders Asset Management, SEI Investments and BBC Worldwide.

Using her skills and experience, Aisha’s vision is to enable end-to-end food sustainability in Africa and support UN SDGs’ Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-being) and Goal 12 (Responsible Production and Consumption), and Aspiration 7 of the AU Agenda 2063.

“Farmz2U is addressing; poor nutritional value from food consumption and the increasing levels of food waste. Through research and consultations with experts, we have determined that these problems are inter-related and not mutually exclusive, thus we are addressing them simultaneously. Furthermore, developed economies overproduce, due to poor data optimization while developing economies under produce, due to poor farming practices, thus demonstrating global impact in different forms.

“With 795 million of the global population suffering from poor nutrition and 1.3 billion tons of food wasted annually, Farmz2U is solving important social challenges.

“Their objectives are aligned with Goal 3 and 12 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, further attesting their importance.Whilst there has been an increase in the awareness of nutritional benefits of food, few solutions exist to support a proactive optimization of nutrition and reduction of food waste. We are unique in the use of behavioral science to influence users and our integration of consumer and producer data.

“We are a diverse team with a range of skills that enhance our technical capability. Our team includes; Aisha Raheem (Operations Director), Adebola Oyenuga (Technical Director), Abba Badre (AI Specialist) and Muhammad Aqib (Software Developer). We are based in Lagos, Nigeria with the exception of Muhammad who is based in Pakistan.
Apart from our core team we collaborate extensively with technical experts to ensure the technical viability of our solution and measure social impact against UN SDGs.

Campus Torch is the product that emerged winner in the LEARNING AND EDUCATION CATEGORY.

CAMPUS TORCH APP is by Mr Taiwo Ogunde

World Summit Awards

Taiwo Ogunde is an innovative young entrepreneur, a brand consultant, and a motivating team leader who believes that every African youth deserves the platform to explore their skills and brilliance, this led him and his twin brother Kehinde Ogunde co-found Campus Torch, an organization that inspires and librates youth to explore their skills and brilliance consequently harnessing the endless opportunities around them using tech as a tool.

Campus Torch is an organization that inspires every youth and student to build and develop their 21st-century skills and brilliance consequently connecting them to opportunities and industries where they can be well appreciated. “We solve the problems of self-development, employability, and entrepreneurship using tech as a tool. Campus Torch mobile app makes it easier for users to:

  1. Learn, Be Inspired and explore their ideas.
  2. Chat Live and Connect with mentors of industries and youth of like minds
  3. Get free access to Jobs, Scholarships and other opportunities

“We are inspiring and building exceptional personalities who are productive in their fields.

“In Africa, especially Nigeria alone, the transition of 2018 to 2019 increased the rate of unemployment from 23.63% – 38%; this is humongous! Whereas students are not properly equipped to fit the roles of available opportunities; and this is as a result of the old curriculum and syllabus used in our institutions of learning; for instance, a Computer Science student is still learning FORTRAN whereas there are new languages to build innovative applications.

“We cannot wait on our government to create solutions when we can. Campus Torch is saying: Develop & Explore your skills and brilliance to connect with opportunities”!

In conclusion, the WSA Nigeria National expert for Nigeria Emmanuel Amos has recommended the above winners from Nigeria to the UN WSA global jury in the ongoing process that will culminate into a WSA Winners’ Congress holding in Vienna, Austria, March, 2020, adding that the tech trend scouting process for Nigeria will have some changes from 2020 in line with new requirements of the Innovationbed.Africa SDGs framework activities directed to increase qualitatively Africa’s participation at the global competition.

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EdTech startup, uLesson introduces library for Nigerian, Ghanaian JSS students



Sim Shagaya
Founder and CEO of uLesson Education Limited, Sim Shagaya

Nigeria’s Ed-tech start-up, uLesson Education Limited, has expanded the content library on the uLesson app to include lessons for Junior Secondary School students. This new library went live on the uLesson app on July 7, 2020. 

The uLesson app launched in March 2020, with a Senior Secondary School library, covering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

With this update, the app now offers students in junior secondary school access to curriculum-relevant content in Basic Technology, Business Studies, Basic Science and Mathematics.


uLesson Library for Nigerian JSS students

Speaking on the introduction of the junior secondary library, Founder and CEO of uLesson Education Limited, Sim Shagaya said:

“The launch of the junior library is in harmony with our goal as an organization to help students maximize their academic potential and prepare for a future in various disciplines. The digital age is quickly shaping the education landscape and the way students learn. It is our goal at uLesson to leverage this digital transformation to provide learning tools that will help students learn in a simpler and more effective manner.”

“Like the Senior School library, the Junior School library has been richly designed in scope, interactivity, and effectiveness in line with the West African Secondary School curriculum. We have taken steps to provide best-in-class lessons delivered by expert tutors to ensure that learners get only the best learning experience”, Shagaya added.

Vice President, Learner Experience and Growth, uLesson Education, Manji Cheto said the new library addresses a deep customer need. She stated, “we pride ourselves as a Company that listens to and anticipates customer needs, and then acts quickly to respond to these concerns. The release of our junior secondary library is a great example of this. Customers made it overwhelmingly clear that this is what they wanted from us and so, we are proud to deliver this in the timeframe that we have”.

The uLesson app employs a simple and personalized approach to learning, leveraging a mix of media and technology to provide engaging lessons and quizzes to foster deep understanding of a subject matter and continued learning for students. uLesson is creating a platform to revolutionize the way students learn and study for their exams.  The Company plans to include more subjects and features in the coming months.


uLesson Library for Ghanaian JSS students

What you should know about uLesson Education

uLesson is an organisation that leverages best in class teachers, media, and technology solutions to create high-quality, affordable, and accessible education for African students.

The Startup built a platform that helps African students be the very best they can be – an app that allows them to maximize their academic achievement and prepare for a future in various disciplines and subjects.

The team is made up of passionate and talented people who came together and built a learning experience unprecedented in richness, scope, interactivity, and effectiveness.

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23 Startup founders graduate from Founder Institute Lagos Cohort II



Founder Institute Lagos Cohort 1
  • As applications for Cohort III open

The Lagos chapter of the world’s largest pre-seed start-up accelerator, Founder Institute, recently celebrated the 23 founders who successfully completed Cohort II, in an online version of their Velocity event themed “Winning in Uncertain Times”.

Despite the world practically coming to a halt due to the coronavirus, the mentors and founders at Founder Institute Lagos were able to successfully navigate the hurdles together and out of the 46 that started the journey, 23 founders were able to meet the requirements for graduation.

Velocity is a celebratory event of the Founder Institute Lagos held at the end of every Cohort to honour founders that successfully scaled through the rigorous 14 week FI program which helps them build their ideas into successful businesses.

For the first time, due to current realities, the program was held online and temporarily renamed Velocity_mini, and had experienced speakers from across the world who shared deeply on how best founders can grow their start-ups, even at a time when some companies and markets are struggling due to COVID-19.

Speakers at Velocity_mini included Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe – Founder, Fasmicro; Kola Aina – Founding Partner, Ventures Platform; Jane Egerton-Idehen – Country Manager/Regional Sales Director, Avanti; Tosin Faniro-Dada, Head Start-ups, LSETF; and Simon Turner, Lead Director, FI Accra.

The event was flagged by the Lead Director of Founder Institute Lagos, Ayowande Adalemo, who shared what the Founder Institute pre-seed program is and how it varies from most other global programs based on its target of developing idea-stage founders as well as its system of creating a support network of experienced startup and ecosystem leaders as mentors.

He further explained that founders that plug into the FI system benefit extensively from a suite of resources as well as a highly engaged global network “You can come into the system with a loosely formed idea but after the 14 weeks, you will be graduating as a CEO with a company that can go global and a network that money cannot buy”, Ayowande stressed.

Keynote speaker, Ndubuisi Ekekwe of Fasmicro, advised founders on how to go about strategically raising funds.

Ekekwe said “Companies need to identify frictions in the market and leverage these to create value in the form of products and services. It is not about the sophistication of the solution, it is about easing the frictions in the market. Money follows value and the market will congregate where value is perceived. When you create value, raising funds is no longer a one-way street because as you are looking for the funds, the funds would also be looking for you”.

Kola Aina of Ventures Platform, who was a guest speaker, spoke on why now is the time for founders to start building their businesses but pointed out that there is a difference between ‘Product-market fit’ and ‘COVID-market fit’.

Kola Aina

Kola Aina speaking during Velocity_Mini

“Some solutions are time-sensitive and while they should be pursued, founders should be simultaneously planning long-term to create real product-market fit with products that would outlive the opportunities that have been created by COVID-19. This is actually the best time to create and scale your company”, Kola stressed.

The highlight of the event was the pitching session that saw a few of the founders from the graduating cohort; Steve Dakayi-Kamga of Betastore, Amede Achingale of Fortvest 360 Solutions, Ugochi Nwokeji of DBTclean, Titilope Adewusi of 9jakids, Tope Alake of and Ayo Dawodu of Loystar, all pitch to an audience of mentors, directors and potential funders.

Stanbic IBTC Founder Institute Lagos is now accepting applications for Cohort III via this LINK.

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IHS Nigeria partners TechQuest STEM Academy to deliver on COVID-19 initiatives




IHS Nigeria, in partnership with TecQuest STEM Academy, will train 1000 teachers and students across Nigeria in July 2020 under its Mission-T Program.  

The one-month training will offer participants the digital skills required to offer technology-enabled solutions with a focus on initiatives that will mitigate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

Mission – T is a sustainability initiative commissioned in 2019 by IHS Nigeria, the largest subsidiary of IHS Towers, with the primary objective of improving ICT education and empowerment in Nigerian schools and communities.

The program aims to improve Nigeria’s STEM narrative and help stimulate interest and participation of teachers and students in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields across the country.

As a response to the current COVID-19 crisis, participants will be equipped with requisite knowledge and skills to develop projects that can improve human existence in a post COVID era leveraging digital tools like the internet, software, and computers.

Additionally, the program will upskill teachers with the requisite capabilities needed to deliver effective teaching over the internet.

The Mission-T summer program will be implemented by the TechQuest STEM Academy LTD/GTEa non-profit STEM organisation that has delivered STEM and digital literacy education to nearly 30,000 young people across 16 Nigerian states since 2015.

The program has also offered to provide free internet data to the first 200 teachers and first 500 students to sign up for the training as a response to the current challenges being experienced during the pandemic and alleviate identified barriers to attendance and learning during the free training period.

Students will have the opportunity to learn Mobile App Development, Web Development and an Introduction to Python Programming.

Resources to be introduced to teachers include the practical-based Mission-T ICT curriculum, which includes textbooks, workbooks, academic videos, an interactive portal and a mobile app to assist teachers in the delivery of STEM education to their students.

According to the Director, TechQuest STEM Academy, Dr. (Mrs). Itoro Emembolu, “This initiative will increase the level of digital literacy and STEM capabilities which have been identified as essential skills needed to function in a rapidly changing technological age. Programs such as the Mission-T initiative makes this possible through the far-sighted support of firms such as IHS Nigeria.”

She encourages teachers and students to take advantage of this opportunity to further develop their STEM and digital literacy capabilities.

To register and participate, visit the program website:

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