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AI, machine learning and deep learning is the future



Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence and Robotics
A fully digitalized world is not too far from reach. Scientists and experts are intrigued about the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) replacing most jobs in the nearest future.

Thus, the new possibilities are eliciting meaningful debates, questioning the existing status quo, and order in a new era of policies’ changes and structural adjustment.

At the moment, the impact is emerging and noticeable as most cashier jobs are now replaced by “do it yourself” Point of Sales Services (POS).

The idea that most professionals will not be needed and a lot of trained professionals may end up unemployable is creating panics and increasing the level of anxiety across various occupations.

The good news is that AI may have little or no impact on those that are prepared for the upcoming AI and machine learning revolution. Thus, one way forward is to keep learning and undoing old knowledge in readiness for the future.

Another crucial point to note is that AI cannot completely take away jobs overnight in third world countries hence, most manufacturing companies and factories may find their way to third world regions since most third world countries are known to have cheaper labour and low cost of manufacturing goods and services.

On the other hand, manufacturing industries may have to depend on renewable energies to power most of their cost of operations as some third world countries are still having issues with generating and distributing stable electricity supply.


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One thing for sure, is that AI will not replace all human activities. For instance, AI will not replace patients seeking hospital treatments. Also, due to unforeseen defects such as software bugs, data scalability, and data consistency, etc., AI will continuously need constant human monitoring, reporting, documentation, and consistent improvements of the AI functionalities.

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Although, some AI algorithms are trained to learn from their environments and adjust accordingly, which brings in the concept of Machine learning and Deep learning, the help of human monitoring and intervention will never be completely ruled out.

In cases where AI data is manipulated by a malicious user the whole system may be brought to complete halt, malfunction or cause serious damages to lives and properties hence, human agencies and different professionals will still need to provide interventions and support for AI for a long time.

Artificial Intelligence on PR professional and the journalists

Artificial Intelligence on PR professional and the journalists

In effect, professionals and individuals may need to gain additional skills set to remain functional in their job roles.

Covid-19 may signal the end of an era for day-to-day activities. Take, for instance, during this pandemic, most serious nations now moved from queue/line by line consultation in waiting rooms to see doctors to booking appointments on the phone.

Doctors in turn consults with patients on the phone.  Some customer services via phones services and helplines are unmanned and the processes are fully digitalized and customers are instructed on options to choose from, and based on the options customers are directed to the right departments or services. that could better serve their interest or grant assistance.

It may get to a point where, patients may have the options as well to choose between human doctor or AI doctors due to policies backed by law.


It is difficult to conclude on the varying dimension and future of AI in effects to the advancement of a fully computerized world by looking at the trends of AI and the future of machines and the possibilities of replacing human interactions and activities.

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In summary, one may tend to conclude that the future of human existence will juxtapose with robotics and AI.

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