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46% of Millennials in Major Economies own Crypto, According to Studies

ByJustice Godfrey Okamgba

Apr 29, 2023
In a survey carried out by Bitget’s researchers in 26 countries, 255,000 people from four different age groups—Millennials, Gen Xers, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers—provided their opinions. The United States, Nigeria, China, Indonesia, and Japan were a few of the nations included in the poll.

Notably, the survey’s participating nations have greater populations, and the researchers specifically targeted 10,000 people from each. The study’s confidence interval is 95%, and the margin of error is less than 0.1%.

255,000 adults from 26 nations participated in the study that the researchers conducted. Between July 2022 and January 2023, they investigated these people’s crypto-related actions. 

According to the distribution, 19% of the respondents were baby boomers. Gen Xers comprised 23% of the population under study, while Gen Z and Millennials were 31% and 17%, respectively. After compiling the results, they published them on Friday, April 28, on the Bitget exchange. 

According to their findings, 46% of the Millennial respondents own virtual assets. Some 25% of the Gen X respondents own crypto, while 21% of the Gen Zs also own crypto assets. Meanwhile, the percentage of baby boomers among the respondents that own crypto was 8%.

The researchers also found some respondents who mentioned the importance of crypto regulation. 

Amongst these groups were 27% Millennials, 4% baby boomers, 36% Gen Z, and 6% Gen Xers. According to the respondents, their voting decisions regarding political candidates are informed by regulations.

While disclosing the results, the BitGet researchers noted that among the respondents, Gen Z and Millennials had more interest in crypto. 

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The Millennials topped the chart for huge virtual assets participation due to their wider knowledge of the internet and other digital technologies. 

Furthermore, this demographic considers cryptocurrency a promising investment option due to the substantial returns that investors have generated from 2017 to the present day


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