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6DOT50 is now accepting XRP crypto payments

ByYinka Okeowo

Jan 10, 2022
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6DOT50, a Digital Money and Transactional Services Platform, reports that it has surpassed processing over R1 million in crypto to merchant transactions with BTC and ETH accounting for 72% of the crypto payment value.

Today 6DOT50 has added XRP, the 8th largest crypto by market cap, as another way for crypto users to access 6DOT50.

XRP crypto holders may now use their XRP value to buy Digital Rands and enjoy spending at over 80 000 stores and online retailers.

With more than R500 000 crypto payments processed during December 2021 alone, merchants accepting 6DOT50 payments are benefiting from this previously untapped value store.

“We are obviously delighted with the exponential growth in crypto transaction values and the positive feedback we have received from our crypto users.

The addition of XRP, as a new way to access our transactional services solution, is another step closer to making crypto as acceptable as bank card payments across our merchant network,” says Warren Venter, founder at 6DOT50.


6DOT50 offers cryptocurrency enthusiasts the largest crypto to merchant network in South Africa. By accepting BTC, ETH, DASH, BCH, XRP, and LTC as payment options for Digital Rands and enabling merchants to access this untapped store of value, this Stellenbosch based start-up is bridging the gap between the crypto world and the fiat world and making it possible to #LIVEONCRYPTO.

More about 6DOT50:

6DOT50 DIGITAL RANDS are an easy way for users to store money, instantly send and receive money and pay for goods and services without the need to own a bank account.

The account holders may buy or receive DIGITAL RANDS and exchange their value for products and services that are available through more than 80 000 stores and online retailers.



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