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Ad Dynamo Has Eyes on Nigeria – CEO

ByPeter Oluka

Aug 23, 2022

Ad Dynamo by Aleph is Africa’s largest media sales house that  partners with brands to achieve long term results through advertising. The company is behind Spotify, Twitter and Snapchat’s digital advertising.

In January 2022, Ad Dynamo was acquired by Aleph Group, Inc., a leading global enabler of digital advertising, serving as a crucial link at the core of the global digital ecosystem by connecting the largest digital platforms with thousands of advertisers and billions of consumers in emerging and underserved countries.

Now, Ad Dynamo by Aleph has commercial and, in many cases, exclusive agreements with over 30 of the leading digital platforms, including: Twitter, Meta, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, Spotify and Twitch. Through these relationships, the company provides digital platforms with a sustainable and scalable way to monetize their advertising inventory in emerging countries at little additional cost and complexity.


They combine these relationships with an extensive global footprint and an end-to-end digital advertising solution that enables advertisers in 90 countries to reach close to 3 billion consumers and maximise their digital advertising potential.

Over the past few years, Nigeria has seen significant increases in internet access and activity and that growth comes with the potential for a vibrant digital marketing ecosystem.

In a recent chat with the media in Nigeria, Sean Riley, CEO, Ad Dynamo by Aleph talked about the works the digital media company is doing in Nigeria and its plans for the near future as well as the comparative advantages it offers in the local digital marketing landscape.

He started by stating how excited the team is to be a part of the Aleph family.

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“I would say one of the really important points to highlight behind this is that we have known the senior leadership team at Aleph for many years; interacting with the guys for 7 to 8 years. We know each other really well which has made transitioning into the Aleph family a very smooth process for us, and knowing each well makes that so much easier.

“Aleph CEO, Gaston Zelerteins, is very passionate about global education and feels that that’s what is really going to accelerate growth across all emerging markets, is by closing the gap of skills available, by introducing more career opportunities to young individuals across all emerging markets”.

Nigeria is really key to Ad Dynamo

Sean described Nigeria as “really key to that”. To explain how important Nigeria is to Aleph worldwide in terms of extending its training program, Digital Ad Experts, “Nigeria is the first market where an English version of the product has been made available. Aleph began where its roots are, Latin America, and Nigeria is the first market outside of Latin America where we’ve opened it up for local candidates.

“Maybe if I can talk to the Ad Expert for a minute, because it’s not always that clear. I think the website is being refined a little to make the opportunity clearer to individuals.

“There’s a lot of free training on the site that anyone can just register and complete free of charge at any time. And you can slowly but surely complete a comprehensive set of tools in digital advertising. But then we also have the online ad degree, a more formal process that takes 3 months. We take waves of students, and this is peer-to-peer learning, there’s a dedicated instructor who guides all Nigerian students through the process.

Ad Dynamo
Ad Dynamo by Aleph Group

“The goal is to do waves of 500 at a time. There are two very different elements. The one is everyday opportunities where you can log on and complete courses, and then there’s the other one the online ad degree.

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“Something very important about the online ad degree is that Snapchat and Twitter have invested in Aleph. So a part of the process is that you receive a Twitter flight school certification, you receive a snapchat certification as a part of the process. So really for an individual there are a lot of certifications that you gather by going through that process”.



Peter Oluka

Peter Oluka is the Editor, TechEconomy. Email: Peter.Oluka@TechEconomy.NG

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