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Airtel Warns Subscribers Against Buying Pre-registered SIM Cards

ByJustice Godfrey Okamgba

Dec 19, 2022

One of the leading mobile telecommunications companies in Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria has taken a step further to reach out to its customers to shun buying pre-registered SIM cards, citing that it’s against the law.

The telecom operator on Monday sent a text message to its mobile subscribers. The message reads:

Dear Valued Customer, please note that it is illegal to buy a pre-registered SIM card. Anyone caught with a pre-registered SIM card will be punished by the law. Airtel Cares.


Similarly, the telecom industry regulator – Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) on different occasions had also warned Nigerians to avoid committing the same blunder.

According to the NCC, those who trade in and use pre-registered SIM cards pose a serious threat to our individual and collective safety because such criminal elements hide their real identities while using such SIM cards to perpetrate nefarious activities such as kidnapping and financial crimes in society.

It is advisable to report infractions of the SIM registration laws and guidelines to law enforcement agencies because it is a noble civic responsibility to do so and worthy support to NCC’s effort in eradicating such dangerous activities in our society.




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