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B2B Marketplace Sabi Raises $38m, Reaching $300 million Valuation 

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

May 19, 2023

B2B Marketplace Sabi has raised $38 million in a Series B funding round that hits a $300 million valuation.

Present in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, Sabi helps informal businesses scale by providing required infrastructure needed for their growth. The company empowers a broad ecosystem of users, allowing merchants, importers, exporters, distributors, and manufacturers to expand their capabilities and grow their businesses using Sabi’s technology rails.

Investors present in Sabi’s Series B round were Frankfurt-based specialist fintech investor CommerzVentures, Africa-focused growth-stage investor Norrsken22, U.S.-based growth-stage funds Fluent Ventures and Proof VC as well as pan-African early-stage investors CRE Ventures and Jaango.

Sabi’s platform revolutionizes the way businesses engage with distributors and producers, enabling seamless online transactions for buying and selling products and services. Designed with a user-friendly interface and tailored to suit local environments, Sabi’s marketplace empowers small businesses to extend their influence and unleash their full potential.

The cutting-edge inventory management tool provided by Sabi empowers businesses to monitor their inventory levels in real-time, guaranteeing that they always possess the necessary products to meet customer demand.

Efficient sales order management and digital ledger tools offered by Sabi empower businesses to effortlessly handle orders and payments, streamlining the transaction process and optimizing cash flow.

Sabi’s payment reconciliation tool simplifies payment processing, ensuring that businesses receive prompt and accurate payments for their offerings.

By leveraging Sabi’s comprehensive suite of business tools, small businesses can elevate their operations, enhance efficiency, and discover new avenues for growth.


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