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Bitfinex Lists World’s First Mobile-Native Token $WMINIMA for Complete Decentralisation


Mar 22, 2023

In the world of crypto trading, the yearn for financial freedom cannot be overemphasised, however, very few exchanges are able to truly give this to their traders.

Bitfinex exchange, a professional traders delight and trusted by whales with enormous liquidity, is one of the few exchanges around the world keeping up with new token listings and initiatives in promoting financial freedom to nurture the crypto community as a whole.

Bitfinex listing of the innovative wrapped Minima ($WMINIMA) token, an ERC-20 token, is aimed at helping to build a truly decentralized network that empowers freedom all around the world and increases access to Web3 for any person with a mobile or IoT device .

Bitfinex is one of the first crypto exchanges to list WMINIMA; built on the world’s first mobile-native Layer 1 blockchain.

Minima’s presale for WMINIMA, started on February 14, 2023, with 10 million tokens currently acquired, out of the total supply of 125 million $WMINIMA tokens.

Traders on Bitfinex are taking this new innovation as a huge opportunity to become the early adopters of the $WMINIMA token, by making deposits and purchases during the presale period.

Effective 21st of March, 2023, on Bitfinex, trading for WMINIMA against the US Dollar (USD) and Tether tokens (USDt) will be available for all traders.


What is WMINIMA?

Wrapped Minima (WMINIMA) is a wrapped version of Native Minima (MINIMA) which has been issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Wrapped Minima (WMINIMA) enables Minima to be tradable on exchanges shortly after its Token Generation Event, without waiting for the technical integration of Native Minima ($MINIMA) onto exchanges, scheduled for Q3/Q4 2023. WMINIMA has an initial circulating supply of 98,100,000 coins and a total supply of 125,000,000 coins, with a listing price of $0.30.

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Why invest in WMINIMA on Bitfinex exchange

Bitfinex has been in existence for over 10 years and as one of the oldest exchanges, it has gained the trust and loyalty of its traders, having strongly gone through the test of time and various market turbulence. Bitfinex is known for its robust service and security during all market environments.

Bitfinex stands out as one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges, founded in 2012 to deliver the finest trading experience for retail, professional and institutional customers.

Born at the dawn of the bitcoin revolution, Bitfinex is driven by the ethos of financial freedom and  focused on creating simple , dependable and accessible technology that promotes freedom.

With no centralised servers and unnecessary intermediaries and at near zero-cost, Bitfinex brings financial inclusion and financial freedom to less-advantaged and emerging communities around the world, particularly where there is currency volatility.

By becoming an owner of Wrapped Minima on Bitfinex, you will be helping build a truly decentralized network that empowers freedom all around the world.

The Minima protocol and its network have already been built, with Mainnet recently launching after several years in Testnet, yet Minima is still relatively unknown.

As a result, there is still a huge opportunity to become an early adopter of the world’s first mobile-native layer 1 blockchain, before it becomes widely adopted.



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