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Celebrating Women this August with Huawei

ByYinka Okeowo

Aug 25, 2022

Every August, South Africa marks Women’s Month where the country celebrates the achievements of women. Let Huawei take you on a journey to showcase how its applications can help improve your health, enjoy a connected lifestyle and benefit from a completely integrated digital experience.


Let’s start by checking out the HUAWEI Health app. This is a great way to monitor your health. Not only can you use it to exercise and track associated health benefits but when linked to a smart watch, you can unlock a wealth of incredible insight.


HUAWEI Health app has an array of wonderful health stats that include an easy-to-access heart rate record, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, sleep quality tracker, step count and more. All your data is shown in clear dynamic graphs to always keep you informed.  Let’s not forget the all-day stress tracking feature of the HUAWEI Health app that helps keep your anxiety under control.

The HUAWEI Health app control centre enables you to manage your music and lets you download and manage the apps on your wearable devices. You can also link up with other non-wearable devices such as heart rate monitors and scales, to truly feel the benefits of a well-connected life.


On that note, let’s take a look at the brilliant HUAWEI Music app. Here you can access a high quality music experience that features a catalogue for your musical taste.

Whether you just want to unwind with a personalised playlist featuring the smoothest sounds around or are getting ready for a night on the town with some dance music, we’ve got you covered.

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Listen to complete albums and all the new releases right from the app. The sophisticated AI algorithms also track the music you are listening to and make recommendations based on your preference. You can even get song recommendations to match your running pace when out exercising ensuring you stay on pace and get the maximum benefit from your workout.

The HUAWEI Music app has a massive array of adrenaline-filled exercise music that caters for just about any exercise routine.

Even better, the HUAWEI Music app lets you easily stream across all your Huawei devices. This means you can enjoy high-quality music when on the road or relaxing at home.


If it’s binge-watching TV series or blockbuster movies with the family over popcorn, then HUAWEI Video is the app for you. Featuring thousands of movies and series and over 100 TV channels, you’re spoilt for choice

There are short videos, award-winning trilogies and even clips to keep you entertained whether it’s waiting in line somewhere or chilling at home.

As is the case with the HUAWEI Music app, the HUAWEI Video app is able to quickly tailor your video feed based on your interests. You can also cast the content to a supported smart screen and enjoy full high definition on a massive screen.

Petal Search and Petal Maps

Huawei’s two powerful apps, Petal Search and Petal Maps, give you access to the world in the palm of your hand. The powerful search functionality of Petal Search assists you in finding anything you may search for such as the best spas and massage places to treat yourself and your friends to.

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Easily save all your favourite websites and even leave reviews of restaurants and theatres that blow your mind.

Using Petal Maps, navigating is easy with an innovative intelligent route recommendation feature where you have an instant overview of traffic conditions to select from and multiple routes to get to your destination.

Celebrating Women
Three beautiful fashion girls sitting with their suitcases and wait in the terminal at the airport. Blonde, redhead, brunette, dressed in bright dresses and hats.

The lane guidance functionality assists you to navigate complex highways and lane splits with ease. Gain access to offline maps when the internet connection is interrupted. If you stumble across a pothole, you can also report it to help out other Petal Maps users.


In conclusion the Huawei experience is the Huawei AppGallery, a treasure trove of health, fitness and lifestyle apps to keep you informed and entertained wherever you go.

Easily download your banking and online shopping apps and if its the hottest games you’re looking for to relax for either a few minutes or hours, then the Huawei AppGallery has an extensive selection across categories for you to choose from. You can also grab all the latest social media apps to share your experiences with family and friends anywhere in the world.

Let Huawei be your digital companion this Women’s Month and enjoy a digital-rich environment where you can live an integrated lifestyle that takes care of all your needs.



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