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Climate Tech Startup Amini Raises $2 million to Close Africa’s Data Gap

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

May 18, 2023

Kenya-based startup bridging the gap that exists in Africa’s environmental data adequacy, Amini, a climate tech startup, has raised $2 million in an oversubscribed pre-seed funding round.

Led by European climate-focused venture capitalist, Pale Blue Dot, the round included participation from Superorganism, RaliCap, W3i, Emurgo Kepple Ventures, among other angel investors.

Amini was founded by Kate Kallot, who has vast knowledge in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and deep tech. The company leverages artificial intelligence and save technologies “to drive systemic change and promote economic inclusivity for farmers and supply chain resilience across Africa and beyond.”

Recently accepted as the first African company the Seraphim Space Accelerator program, Amini has developed a data aggregation platform that pulls in different sources of data, ranging from satellites and data sources such as weather data, sensors and proprietary customer data, down to a square meter, unifying and processing the data prior to making them available via APIs to local and international companies.

Amini offers farmers valuable insights encompassing the entire crop lifecycle, including planting, harvesting, water usage, and fertilizer application. Beyond individual farms, the platform also aids organizations in assessing the impact of natural disasters, such as flooding and drought, across the entire continent. Leveraging nearly two decades of historical data and regular updates every two weeks, Amini provides a holistic understanding of agricultural patterns and conditions.

Amini’s clientele mainly consists of corporations and multinationals involved in agricultural insurance and supply chain monitoring, particularly focusing on the crucial “last mile” of the global supply chain. Despite being less than a year old, the startup affirms to currently be in talks with major food and beverage companies as well as one of the largest global insurance companies, aiming to secure their partnership.


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