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Digital Bridge Institute Digital Skills Bootcamps Excite Parents


Aug 20, 2022

The Digital Bridge Institute (DBI) has again organized its annual Bootcamp as means to assist young Nigerians to develop their digital skills.

Parents and Guardians expressed satisfaction with the conducive learning environment made available by the Digital Bridge Institute during the year 2022 ICT Bootcamp and were very hopeful that their kids would have a fun time with lots of learning experience.

Digital Bridge Institute Bootcamp
Digital Bridge Institute ICT Bootcamp

The DBI Lagos Learning Centre held the annual ICT Summer Holiday Bootcamp from Monday, August 8th till Friday 19th August, 2022, TechEconomy can report.

The ICT Holiday Bootcamp is a special full practical training which also incorporated different areas of ICT & Entrepreneurship strategically organized by DBI yearly to train youths on coding, essential digital skills, presentation skills among others.

Digital Bridge Institute Bootcamp 2
DBI ICT Bootcamp

As usual, the year 2022 edition of the programme was 100% STEM Education which made the children more employable and ready to meet labour demand in the future as it encompassed the whole range of digital experiences and ICT skills.

Digital Bridge Institute Bootcamp
DBI ICT Bootcamp

The three weeks programme offered the participated kids opportunity to gain an insight into real world skills such as Web design, Application Development, Graphic Design, Image Editing, Internet and Digital Citizenship.



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