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DSN’s Products Among IRCAI/UNESCO Global Top 100 AI Products for Social Impact


Feb 4, 2022

Data Science Nigeria (DSN), now known as Data Scientists Network has achieved another great milestone as two of its products were recently listed in the Global Top 100 list of Artificial Intelligence (AI) products for social impact by the International Research Centre in Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI), under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Adekanmbi Olubayo - Data Scientists Network (DSN)
Dr. Adekanmbi Olubayo (founder) – Data Scientists Network (DSN)

The Top 100 project aims to scope and showcase effective and impactful solutions from around the world contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The selection process was rigorous as the reviewers were explicitly looking for presentable solutions that directly or indirectly solve one or more sustainable development problems and research innovations implemented in these solutions.

The two products from DSN listed in the IRCAI/UNESCO Global Top 100 list are DSN’s EdTech AI Adaptive Learning Engine, which was recognized as a Promising Project, and DSN’s AI Health Prescription Platform listed as an Early-Stage project.

Data Science Nigeria Kiost
DSN Kiost

The DSN EdTech AI Adaptive Learning Engine delivers AI-powered personalised learning through a mix of audio classes and interactive SMS to bridge educational gaps for learners who have no access to the internet or internet-ready devices.

It uses adaptive knowledge management engine built on predictive analytics and a recommendation engine to deliver customized learning.

The solution was supported by the Mastercard Foundation to deliver remedial learning to over eight million learners during the lockdown of schools in 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AI Health Prescription Platform focuses on simplifying the medical prescription process through its AI-powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system that mitigates medication errors through automated digitization of handwritten medical prescriptions in low-resourced health systems.

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The platform converts images of any hand-written drug prescription into readable formats to help the last mile drug dispensing process. This solution is expected to improve health delivery outcomes in low-income countries.

DSN’s research works and products have been showcased, recognized, and celebrated at many global events.

In 2020, DSN won the best academic poster award at the 21st ACM Conference on Economics &  Computer (EC’ 20)- the world’s premier conference on Economics and Computer Science interface.

It also emerged as the only African finalist in the XPRIZE $500k Pandemic Response Challenge.

DSN’s has recently relaunched itself with an expanded program delivery, multi-country operation and product innovation roadmap, to further reinforce its mandate to raise one million Artificial Intelligence (AI) talents and lead the development of AI solutions that will enhance the quality of life and well-being of over two billion people in emerging markets.

DSN AI bootcamp 2019 - Top 100
DSN AI Bootcamp 2019 held at Unilag.

The company recently kicked off an AI-focused startup AI lab- The DSN AI Start-up Lab aimed at growing the Nigerian innovation ecosystem, especially those focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence.

DSN has built the most inclusive Artificial Intelligence learning network across universities and cities in Nigeria with about 50 learning centres.


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