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e4 Supports Promising Young Black Entrepreneurs at EDPF Property Academy 


Jun 28, 2022

As part of its ongoing efforts to boost entrepreneurship and innovation in the property sector, proptech specialist e4 has proudly offered extensive assistance to the Enterprise Development Property Fund’s (EDPF) Property Academy through the purchase of new computer equipment and software.

The EDPF is an Impact Fund with a mission to empower, develop, train and mentor young black entrepreneurs starting their careers in the property sector.

With its large collaborative network, EDPF and its Property Academy offer a three-year business incubation programme which takes promising entrepreneurs through all the training required to build and maintain a thriving property business.

e4’s support has enabled the EDPF programme to increase its capacity in delivering an outstanding education to black candidates who rely heavily on the organisation in becoming successful property developers and investors.

As one of the first true tech players in the property sector, Adri Führi, e4’s Chief Financial Officer says: “Entrepreneurship and skills development are the building blocks of innovation. With the pace of digitisation only getting faster, enabling young entrepreneurs and the many exciting businesses that make up the property sector is hugely rewarding, and we look forward to doing more work in furthering much-needed transformation in the industry.”


e4 believes investment in initiatives like the EDPF Property Academy, and its significant business-enabling work within the property sector, is crucial for the development of the next generation of young leaders as the driving force behind digital innovation.

“People and technology are at the core of our business. EDPF and e4’s vision for the future of the industry; an industry we share, lead in, and are deeply passionate about, is well aligned. Enabling the development of technology skills ensures the growth and future of the property industry in South Africa. We are proud to play a role in bringing resources to as many young people as possible, knowing the power of technology to change lives.”

e4 is a technology company specialising in digitalisation. By understanding the complexity of a digital journey, e4 partners with its clients to provide innovative solutions that suits their unique needs. Using an omni-channel platform approach, e4 offers a range of digitally-inspired services as well as solutions.

Working across financial services, data and the legal sector, e4 understands the intricate requirements in these sectors, and uses its expertise to assist clients in effectively managing their businesses through digitalisation.      



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