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Educatial Launches its SaaS Platform Redefining Teaching and Learning

ByJoan Aimuengheuwa

May 5, 2023

Educatial, a new software-as-a-service ecosystem platform which was developed by a team of indigenous (Nigerian) Software Engineers, has been launched.

The EdTech SaaS platform was designed to enhance the learning and teaching experience for all individuals – students and professionals alike.

It is simply a ‘one-stop shop’ for everything education and built to revolutionize and democratize e-learning ecosystem as well as help to unlock the great potentials of Africa’s young population.

Mr. Francis Muofunanya, chairman and Founder of Educatial, speaking at the unveiling on Thursday, in Lagos, said that the platform will usher in quality and affordable education at all levels including primary, post-primary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

He explained that they are committed to transforming the ecosystem for present and future generations of Africa’s young population.

According to him, “emphasis have shifted from predominantly physical classrooms as centres of learning to online classrooms in smart phones and other devices of the user.

“As more learning happens online, he said education is overwhelmed and in need of a learning ecosystem that provides a unified solution to all aspects of learning.

“Educatial was developed by indigenous systems engineers in response to this need.

“It is an exciting software-as-a-service ecosystem platform for the education sector focused on transforming learning for present and future generation.

“Educatial provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ including hardware, software, infrastructure, hosting and support. Our focus is on teaching learners how to learn, training professionals in career-focused skills and equipping educators for success”.

We believe that Educatial will engage the youths and help them acquire the relevant skills that will empower them to play at the global stage and hence curb excessive migration to other developed countries otherwise known as japa in search of better education and good paying jobs”, he added.

Similarly, Mr Celestine Achi, a Digital Strategist, in his presentation titled: “What is Educatial” averred that Educatial was carefully curated for next-gen EdTech Ecosystem, with laser- focus on transformational learning for today and tomorrow students in Nigeria and beyond.

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According to him, “At Educatial, we firmly believe that education can be a transformative force in the world.

“We have designed our Software-as-a-Service Ecosystem Platform specifically to help educational institutions build a stronger future and continually evolve to best serve their students and communities around the globe.

“Our commitment to transforming the education sector drives us to provide a comprehensive solution that meets all software needs in one place.

“Our platform is built to simplify the management of educational institutions, offering a suite of powerful software tools that streamline daily operations, improve student outcomes, and enhance the overall learning experience.

“We offer a range of software solutions, from student management systems and online learning platforms to digital libraries and parent communication portals. With our platform, educational institutions have everything they need to thrive in the modern world and provide their students with the best possible learning experience”.

Highlighting the key features of the platform, Achi noted that it offers a comprehensive, community-led learning ecosystem that can be used with or without an internet connection.

Educatial SaaS platform launch
L-r: Dr. Adetola Salau, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Education, Lagos State; Francis Muofunanya, Founder, Educatial, and Mrs. Grace Akimfoyewa, Director, Lagos State Ministry of Science & Technology during a reveal Stakeholder Roundtable for Educatial Digital Platform in Lagos on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

He added that Educatial has 22 unique solutions that stands out from other educational platforms, these tools according to him, were specially curated to enhance community-led learning.

He said, “We are committed to providing a one-stop-shop for all segments and sub-segments, simplifying the learning and learning administration process for all users.

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“With Educatial, learners, teachers, administrators, and content creators alike can enjoy a seamless, hassle-free learning experience that addresses all their needs in one place.

“Whether you’re looking for a platform that provides online classes, community-led learning, or learning administration tools, Educatial is the solution you’ve been searching for”.



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