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FG, Amazon Prime Video to Develop Local Content in Movie Industry 

ByJustice Godfrey Okamgba

Jul 14, 2022

The Federal Government will collaborate with Amazon Prime Video to build capacity and upskill Nigerians on local content in the movie production industry. 

Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, announced this on Wednesday, during a stakeholders’ meeting with the officials of Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is an American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming and rental service of Amazon offered as a standalone service or as part of Amazon’s Prime subscription

According to the Minister, the agenda was to begin talks with Amazon on capacity building for quality local content in the nation’s fast-growing movie industry and to empower youths through training on local content, for employment opportunities.

We want Amazon to also contribute to the growth of the industry in terms of capacity building and in terms of transferring technology to our people,” he said.

“We also discussed that, yes, we are a great film country, but we need more capacity building; we need more long-term investment on individuals,” he said.“

When quality content is produced and streamed, it would create wealth for upcoming artists who would be encouraged to create more films, thereby creating more jobs and revenue for the government.“

Nigeria was expected to produce 50 films weekly but the emphasis would be on quality and not quantity.`

We look forward to the collaboration with Amazon, we do not want a situation whereby Amazon will just come here, take our content and go with it.“


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