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Four Apps for Healthier Living this Spring


Sep 8, 2022

With Spring here, we’re all counting down the days to warmer weather and not having to layer up every day.

Head on over to AppGallery and download some of the latest and greatest lifestyle apps as we start preparing for those ‘lekker’ sunny days.

1. Calorie Counter – EasyFit

EasyFit is one of the best calorie-counting apps around. It tracks your food, exercise regime, weight and waist progress.

Check out the stunning animated statistics, enter your own food items and achieve all your fitness goals with this free app. No need to login, as all functions are completely free. Use EasyFit to lose weight, gain muscles or simply improve your overall fitness.

2. Healthy Food Recipes

The Healthy Food Recipes app is a perfect combination to enhance what you’ve started doing with your calorie counting. As the name suggests, this app provides you with many health, light and easy to make recipes.

These include low-carb recipes, crock pot recipes, dessert recipes, slow cooker recipes, soup recipes, stew recipes, recipes for keto diet and even cake recipes. You can find recipes by a simple search with the name of a recipe or by the ingredients used.

Furthermore, the ‘Cook by ingredients’ feature enables you to search and discover healthy recipes you can cook, with ingredients that you already have at home.

If you’re suffering from food allergies, there’s a wealth of peanut-free, gluten-free, wheat-free recipes, lactose-free and dairy-free recipes to choose from.

Four Apps for Healthier Living this Spring

3. Water Drink Reminder

But living healthily is not only about the food you eat. Do you drink enough water during the day? Water is not only good for weight loss but your skin as well along with a host of other health benefits.

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With Water Drink Reminder, simply enter your current weight and it will calculate how much water your body requires daily.

Just update the app each time you drink a glass of water for the app to send a reminder when it’s time for another drink. You can also access a graph that provides a visual graph of your healthy drinking journey.

4. Pedometer – Step Counter

Another really cool free app is Step Counter. The number one app in its category, Step Counter records the number of steps you’ve walked and displays them along with the number of calories that you’ve burnt, your distance, walking time and speed per hour.

Simply push the ‘Start’ button when you’re ready to begin and hold your smartphone as you always do and walk.

The Step Counter app will continue to automatically record your steps when not in use. View a graph with the number of steps you’ve walked and all other information such as how many calories you’ve burnt at any given time.

With AppGallery by your side, you have no excuse not to get yourself ready for Spring. Start transforming your health today with Huawei and AppGallery!



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